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Jun 16, 2019

Breast Cancer - What Women Should Know

Breast Cancer: From relative obscurity, breast cancer has become one of the leading causes of deaths amongst women in the world.

Worldwide, breast cancer comprises 10.4% of all cancer incidence among women, making it the second most widespread type of non-skin cancer (after lung cancer) and the fifth most common cause of cancer death.

Breast cancer caused 519,000 deaths worldwide in 2004 (7% of cancer deaths; almost 1% of all deaths). Breast cancer is about 100 times more common in women than in men, although males tend to have poorer outcomes due to late diagnosis.

It is, in fact, the most common malignancy problem that is affecting women in North America and Europe today.

But what is breast cancer and how do people get it?

Breast cancer occurs when malignant tumors in the breast grow and start to affect other tissues in the body.There is still no clear indications how tumors are created but what is often observed is that cancerous cells usually comes from ducts or glands.

Although women’s health organizations advise women to massage the breast daily and to feel for any lumps, it may take a long time before a cancerous cell gets big enough for us to feel it.By that time, it may already be too late. Doctors make use of mammograms for their diagnosis...

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Jun 16, 2019

Baby Feed - How Often Should You Feed A Baby?

Baby feed: With a newborn baby in the house, especially if it is your first, there is so much to learn that you simply cannot replicate with classes, books and additional parenting aids.

Every baby that is born will have its own unique traits, and although you can learn a lot from other parents, from books, from TV and a wealth of other sources, there is always the fact that what works with one baby may not necessarily work with another.

However, this should not be viewed as an apocalyptic warning. As a parent, you will learn quickly how to deal with your baby, and they will form an attachment to you.

The question of how often to feed a baby is one that often arises for new parents. With regard to how often they need feeding, it seems to differ slightly but is generally between two and three hours between feeds.

At this stage of their life, any baby is programmed to sleep for short periods and awaken to be fed at such intervals. This is why parents will talk about sleepless nights at the early stage of parenthood.

As the child grows older, they will of course begin to go longer between meals, but at an early age, with no ability to articulate their needs nor understand what people are saying, they will find their own way to make things clear to you.

This regularity of needing to be fed is why many parents keep the baby in the same bed as them in the early stages...

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Jun 16, 2019

Reducing Credit Card Debt - Credit Card Debt Has Drastically Increased Over The Years Find Out What You Should Do!

Reducing credit card debt has become one of the biggest challenges for new investors to overcome when they first decide to start building wealth Unfortunately, throughout the years, more and more people are becoming victims of enormous credit card debts that they probably will never get paid off.

It is a shame to know that so many people feel that they NEED so many things but realize the only way that they could possibly get those things is by using their credit cards, and they normally have masses of them to choose from!

Credit card debt has increased exponentially during the past several years and it does not look like many people are yet realizing just how bad this problem is.

If you are struggling each month, trying to figure out how in the world you will ever have the means to pay all of your credit card payments on time, then you should definitely continue reading.

It is very crucial for people to understand how dramatically credit card debt can affect your financial footing, or lack thereof. Credit card debt is one of the leading causes why an individual would end up having to file for bankruptcy or take out mortgage loans on their homes or other drastic things such as that.

People become so caught up with trying to make purchases that are just not feasible, never taking into account how much it is going to cost them down the line, because of the huge interest rates. Start choosing to simply throw away all of those credit card offers that you get in your mail so regularly, trust me, you do not need any more debt!

These credit card bills will continue to tally up and the next thing you know, you are going to be skipping payments and when that does happen, be prepared for an outrageous monthly bill, which you know for sure there is no way you can afford...

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Jun 16, 2019

Comfort Shoes - Choosing The Right Shoes For You

This informative page on comfort shoes provides helpful advice and tips about some of the more common foot problems that people have and how to choose the correct shoe. The crucial point is to help the consumer make an informed decision when purchasing footwear.

A Well Known FactWe are all familiar with the incredible feeling we experience wearing comfort shoes. Comfortable shoes allow us to enjoy the day’s activities pain free.Wearing shoes that fit properly can also prevent potential health problems from occurring.

Comfort shoes are designed to provide great comfort and a good level of cushioning for individuals who spend a great deal of time on their feet, or are designed to relieve various kinds of foot pain.

When To Buy

Most shoes can last an average of three to twelve months.As you begin to wear out a shoe, you begin to notice a difference in comfort.

Worn out shoes can cause back pain, sore knee joints, or aching feet.The time to replace your shoes is when the cushion has broken down or the motion control has been lost.

Which Shoes To Buy?

Everyone has distinctive feet. The best comfort shoes for you is the one that gives you the proper fit, support, cushioning, and flexibility. Always choose a well-cushioned stability shoe that compensates for any irregularities in your foot or your stride...

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Jun 16, 2019

What Does Blog Stand For - Here Is The Top Answer

The word “blog” is short for the word “weblog”.

A weblog is a word that was coined early in the internet age to describe an online journal or diary type page chiefly comprising of information, individual opinions, observations and reflections. It is mostly updated regularly and can range in subject matter from the mundane to the thought provoking.

A blog has the capacity to be a very personal site for writers looking to express their deepest private thoughts or can be very general.

Hopefully when someone utters the words "what does blog stand for", you will be able to come to the rescue. This really is a reflection of the incredible communication power of the World Wide Web.

The word "blog" can certainly be used as a noun to refer to the web log itself. It is also on the other hand a verb, denoting the act of contributing to a blog.

Once you are able to create a blog, it is fairly simple to duplicate the process. There are a number of blogging softwares that are free to use. Wordpress is one of the most popular. It is free to setup and you can use many different layouts (also known as themes). Wordpress is search engine friendly and quite easy to implement.

If you are thinking of setting up a blog, first thing you will need to do is to decide on a name for your blog, preferably a name associated to the subject of the blog. Once you decide on a name, you will need to register the blogs domain name with a domain provider.

These websites offer facilities, so you can immediately check to see if the domain name you wish to use is available. If it's not, you will have to try alternative names. Any person that has ever put pen to paper, or even had an opinion in their head, can, and should, create a blog.

Blogs are the perfect medium for just about any notion ever expressed.Be it clever or idiotic. Blogs are free expression on adrenaline. Where else is it possible to share your views on topics ranging from civil liberties to civil war?

Blogs are indeed the essence of the internet, they provide a waiting audience for what ever you wish to share with the world. Actually i will go as far as saying, it's akin to an electronic soap box.Blogger, which happens to be run by google, has made it very easy to create a blog with less than 10 clicks of your mouse...

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Jun 16, 2019

Leadership Qualities - Turning Peoples Bad Attitude Into Great Results

Leadership qualities: "He Hate Me" was the nickname of Rod Smart, a leading rusher in 2002 for the Las Vegas Outlaws of the now defunct XFL pro football league.

Looking for an edge, the XFL allowed players to put nicknames on their uniforms. "I was always saying, 'he hate me,' all through camp in Vegas," Smart said.

"If I didn't get the ball, I'd talk to the other running backs and say, 'He hate me, man; this coach hate me.' I was always saying that."

Smart put He Hate Me on the back of his number 32 jersey, and now the name lives in lore, though XFL has been out of business for years.

When I first saw Rod Smart play and his "He Hate Me" jersey, I thought, "Forget about football. That's a leadership lesson!" That's because "He Hate Me" and leadership often go hand-in-hand.

Clearly, leadership is not about winning a popularity contest, it's about getting results -- not just average results but more results faster continually.

To lead people to get the latter, you often must challenge them to do not what they want to do but what they don't want to do. That's where "He Hate Me" comes in.

When you move people from being comfortable getting average results to being uncomfortable doing what's needed to get great results, strong feelings, hatred and anger, are often triggered.

Having people resent you, even hate you, comes with the territory of being a leader.

In fact, if you are not getting a portion of the people you lead angry with you, you may not be challenging them enough. This does not mean you consecrate their anger and let it fester. You absolutely must deal with it...

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Jun 16, 2019

Cats - Tips On The Amazing Species

We are all aware that cats are loving and truly wonderful creatures. These days, it isn’t out of the ordinary to see a cat in virtually every other home, sleeping in the window or cuddling up on the laps of their owners.

Although cats have been popular pets for as long as most can remember, they weren’t domesticated less than 5,000 years or so ago. Domestication took place in the valley of the Nile, which is what research tells us today.

In the beginning, people were very grateful to cats and encouraged them to stay with them by feeding them various scraps of food.

Once they were fed and perceived humans to be no threat, the cats would move in permanently with their human owners.As time went by, even the wildest of cat would allow humans to approach it, at times even hold and touch as well.

In those days, cats were very loyal and endearing pets. They proved to be great hunters, as they did their sleeping in short periods and were much easier to wake up than dogs.

Cats also have better night vision than dogs, and much better hearing as well.If someone moved through the house or if they heard suspicious noises, they would wake while dogs would sleep right through it. Humans loved having cats around, and they seemed to get along good with dogs as well.

These days, cats are used for both companionship and show.

They aren’t used much at all for hunting mice and rodent anymore at all.There are a lot of breeds available, from the traditional alley cat to the well known Siamese...

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Jun 16, 2019

Jams And Jellies - Homemade Easy To Make Preserve Recipes

Many varieties of fruit preserves are made globally, including sweet fruit preserves, such as those made from strawberry or apricot, and savory preserves, such as those made from tomatoes or squash.

Jams and jellies are ideal for gift giving or for keeping in your pantry.They make the perfect accompaniment to crackers, English muffins, and toast, or use them in recipes or add to sandwiches. The less sugar you use the greater the flavor impact of the fruit.

If honey is used there will be a flavor change and the jellies/jams must be cooked longer.

If you use artificial sweeteners use only the Cyclamate type to avoid bitterness and follow the manufacturer's instructions. Cooked down jellies in which the juice is extracted by the open kettle method contain 60% fruit versus commercial products [pressure cooked to extract more juice but pectin destroying] with only 45%

Jelly: has great clarity from dripping the cooked fruit through a cloth before adding sugar and finishing.

Jams, Butter and Pastes: are whole fruit purees of increasing density.Marmalades, Preserves and Conserves: are bits of fruit in a heavy syrup...

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Jun 16, 2019

American History - The Bill Of Rights

American history: Americans have a tremendous regard and respect for the framers of our Constitution because it was they that laid the foundation stones for the greatest country on earth.

But on top of the many amazing aspects of the Constitution, one stands out as an act of wisdom and foresight that made sure the Constitution would remain a living document for centuries.

That was the provision of the Constitution that allowed for the addition of amendments. It was not long after the Constitution was ratified that the first ten amendments were indeed organized and became law.

That those ten amendments have become as central to the American system of government as the Constitution itself. They have come to be known as the Bill of Rights.

The Bill of Rights are so profoundly ingrained in the American consciousness that they are often referenced in conversations about issues, how Americans work and live together and our relationship with the government.

The true genius of the Bill of Rights was the work it did to severely limit the ability of the government of the United States to ever interfere with the fundamental rights of its citizens. ..

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Jun 16, 2019

Data Recovery - Computer Backups


Computer backup is so important to your computer that to ignore it is to risk its damnation. Computers require care and feeding. They require that you attend to their needs.

If you don't, then they will most surely be sent to Hell. Halloween means Hell. What! What do you mean that Halloween means Hell?

Well, if your computer is given the option of trick or treat, which will it accept? Will it accept the trick or the treat? What do you think? Halloween is the time that computers are subject to tricks or treats.

Did you know that more computers fail on Halloween than any other day of the year? That’s right. It’s true (smile).Your computer is in danger! Protect it. Do your computer backups.

Back to the Hell thing. Hell you say? Yep. Well, what do you mean by Hell?

Computer hell is the place for computers without computer backup.The failure to perform hard drive backup means that you are playing Russian Roulette with your data...

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Jun 14, 2019

Homes For Sale - How The Property Market Affects You

Homes for sale: Whether someone is looking to buy or sell a home, most people rely on the real estate market to get the best deal on a home. The market revolves in three cycles, which determines whether you should buy or sell at that time.

Here are the three different cycles and why they’re prime for you to get a good deal: One is the buyer’s market. This is the best time to buy a home in the marketplace. The prices for the homes are generally lower than at other times of the year. The sellers are more likely to accept lower bids from the buyers and they’re more negotiable for repairs done to the home prior to possession being turned over.

The buyers are more apt to take the upper hand in the deal and control the transaction to the point of gaining earlier possession, because sellers are more interested in unloading the home to get rid of it versus holding out longer and selling it for a higher profit. Buyers can take advantage of these situations and buy low to sell high at a later date. Another cycle is the seller’s market.

The seller’s market is best for those who are interested in selling their home. A seller looking to gain a profit from the sale of their home will wait until this time of year to place their home on the market. Buyers are more apt to pay the listed price of the home to gain possession. The sellers have the upper hand here and usually won’t pay for any inspection costs, repair costs or closing costs. Contingent offers of waiting for the buyer’s home to sell are rarely accepted at this time in the marketplace. Sellers generally have multiple offers, so there’s no need to bend on their offers to get the sale.

Buyers become more competitive and aggressive in their bidding to get the home, so sellers sit back and wait for the right offer to come through. This is the best case scenario for you as a seller, but keep in mind that you then have to turn around and become the buyer to find a replacement home. The other cycle is the neutral one...

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Jun 14, 2019

Green Tea Benefits - A Versatile Beverage And Antioxidants

Green tea benefits for humans is so incredible that it holds the key in a very healthier and longer life.The earliest users of tea are two countries, India and China.

Tea in addition plays a very crucial part in social rituals of Japan. In current periods green tea has awakened a lot of attention due to many health benefits attributed to it.

Green Tea is a very versatile beverage and the preparation depends on your preferred taste.

There are countless recipes to make a wonderful blend but the most prehistoric way is by directly brewing the leaves and drinking the tea. Apart from enjoyment, Green Tea also provides energy and vigor.

Benefits Of Green TeaIt's a great drink for a lazy afternoon. In smaller doses, it essentially works wonder as it boosts the energy and reduces anxious feeling.

During office tea breaks instead of a normal coffee or tea, switch over to Green Tea, to be fully energized. You can also keep sipping Green Tea and even loose weight, doesn't that sound cool?

SupplementsGreen tea supplements are especially prevalent in the weight loss industry and in products, which are promoted as containing antioxidants.

Obtainable in many forms, the use of green tea for weight loss is believed to be one of the greatest natural 'calorie burning' finds made by science so far...

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Jun 14, 2019

Small Biz - 7 Tips To Starting A Successful Small Business

Getting a small business off the ground is challenging to say the least. Here are some tips which will prepare the ground for running a successful small business.

Have Goals This is where it all starts – the foundation for success. Know exactly where you are heading. What will the business ‘look’ like in the future? How will you know when your business is a success? When you wake up in the morning, do you know what actions you have to take to get you on the road to success?

Take Action The difference between success and failure is down to the actions you take. The failures in life are the people who know what they have to do but never do it. The successful small business owners are people who take action on their ideas, ones who never say, “I wish I had done …”

Seek Feedback There is a saying that feedback is the breakfast of champions. During the early days of your business you must continually seek feedback about all aspects of your business. What works? What doesn’t work? What needs changing slightly? Speak to customers, suppliers, your bank manager, your accountant - anyone who can provide you with a fresh perspective.

Find Out What Do That You Don’t Know You can’t expect to know everything about running a business. Undertake your own skills analysis and find out your areas for development. Once you know your knowledge gaps seek out courses, books and advice, which will get you on track...

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Jun 14, 2019

Small Biz - How To Create A Small Business Marketing Strategy

What does a small business marketing strategy mean to you? Some people automatically think in terms of their company’s long-term goals. When they start their small business, they create a long-term business plan, including a marketing strategy, that will help them develop their company over time.

Others think of a small business marketing strategy as a single campaign. They create a marketing campaign for one product or service they offer, and create a series of marketing tools that will help them sell that product or service.

While both may technically be correct, there is a distinct difference between the two. One creates a stream of income for a short period of time (typically a few weeks to a few months), while the other ensures you have a stream of income coming in on a regular basis.

In order to ensure an effective small business marketing strategy, you must have three things in place.

1. Multiple marketing tools in place. Every day a person is marketed to 60-100 times. You see banners on the sides of buses, advertisements in newspapers and magazines, and coupons in your mailbox. It’s easy to see why marketing tends to become almost non-existent in our minds.

But the thing that a good marketer realizes is that he has to use different marketing tools to reach different target audiences. Everyone has a different attention span.

Everyone is searching for different products and services at different times. A good small business marketing strategy has multiple tools in place to capture a prospects attention when he or she is ready for our product or service.

The key is to knowing who your ideal clients are. The more you know about them, the more you’ll be able to reach them in a manner that’s best for them. Good marketing tools are:

* direct mail postcards

* direct mail letters

* advertisements in magazines

* advertisements in newspapers

* neighborhood postcard packs

* door hangers...

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Jun 14, 2019

Nutrition Information - Understanding Healthy Eating

Correct nutrition information when followed can help to reduce the risk of a myriad of health-related problems, the most frightening of which are surely heart disease and cancer.

If you happen to be at your ideal weight or motivated to reach your weight goal, is it simply a question of burning more calories than you take in?

The answer, I would advocate, is no! Overall body health improvement as well as weight gain or loss must be factored in to the equation or you could be heading for problems.

Correct nutrition can help to reduce the risk of a myriad of health-related problems, the most frightening of which are surely heart disease and cancer.

Proper nutrition, however, entails eating many different foods, monitoring your consumption of some food and beverage items, and counting calories.

Good diets offer balanced nutrition that reduces cholesterol, blood pressure, and helps with weight control. To function properly, your body must have the correct combination of nutrients:


They are the primary source of ammunition in your diet. The body uses carbohydrates to build glucose which can be used immediately or stored in your body for later.

Too much glucose, however, is stored as fat. There are two types of carbohydrates - simple and complex. Sugars are simple carbohydrates. Starches and fibers are complex carbohydrates...

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Jun 14, 2019

Job Interviews - The Significance Of A Thank You letter

Job interview: In the competitive world that we live in, many people apply for the same job openings and hope that they have made a positive lasting impression with their interviewer. It was fortunate enough that the person was able to land an interview and get a chance to obtain the position.

What some people tend to overlook after an interview is the follow up.Obtaining an interview from an employer is big.

It means that an employer has screened through a pile of applications and resumes and have selected possible candidates that he/she feels is qualified enough to handle the tasks involved in the job.

But it does not end after the interview. A good common practice is to follow up with the company. One way to follow up is to send a Thank You letter to your interviewer.

Thank the interviewer for giving you a chance to interview with him/her and for taking time out of his/her day to meet with you.

Let him/her know what you felt about the interview and that you will be following up with him/her within a few days to check on the status of the position whether or not it has been filled. It is good practice to keep the Thank You letter brief and straight to the point...

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Jun 14, 2019

American History - The Declaration Of Independence

American history:If you had to think of one document other than the Bible that Americans can most easily quote almost without thinking about it, that one document would be the Declaration of Independence. The comparison to the Bible is apt.

Not that the Declaration of Independence is holy in a religious sense of the word. But it has a place of reverence in the hearts of the American people and in the history of the founding of this great nation.

While not the first words of the Declaration of Independence, these stirring words have that kind of prophetic power that anyone who hears them in immediately inspired by the beauty, the poetry and the deep truths that were so beautifully expressed in that historic document.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.This one statement from that famous declaration so beautifully demonstrates some core values that indicate why this document has such a deep impact on the American mind and heart.

The statement that the truths in this document were indeed truths is a profound statement in its own right.The Declaration of Independence does that suggest that what is being declared in those pages are theories, possibilities, even political ideology...

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Jun 14, 2019

America - Great Locations To Add To Your Travel Destinations

America is a federal constitutional republic comprising of fifty states and a federal district.

The country is situated mostly in central North America, where its forty-eight contiguous states and Washington, D. C., the capital district, lie between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, bordered by Canada to the north and Mexico to the south.

The state of Alaska is in the northwest of the continent, with Canada to the east and Russia to the west across the Bering Strait.

The state of Hawaii is an archipelago in the mid-Pacific. The country also possesses several territories in the Caribbean and Pacific.

The territories are:American SamoaDistrict Of ColumbiaFederated States Of MicronesiaGuamNorth MarianasPuerto RicoVirgin Islands..

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Jun 14, 2019

Good Flirting Tips - Wooing Signals

Flirting is a way of lightly showing you are interested in a person.

It is the initial step in getting to know someone. Remember,it’s nothing more than that. The outcome of flirting may possibly be a brand new friend,but then it may well turn out to be the start of something truly special.

Do Send her a drink from across the room.It’s merely a drink. If she happens to look up and catches your attention and smiles, you might possibly get invited to sit down with her.

She says you remind her of someone.

This might be her attempt to start a conversation. She touches you. She needs to be the first to take this step,but this is a loud signal that she is flirting. She laughs at your jokes and seems genuinely interested in things that you say.

Go through the following do’s and don’ts ahead of your next attempt at flirting:Do offer her authentic compliments.Each person has good qualities,paying her a compliment will straight away render you more likeable.Do ask for her number only if you have...

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Jun 14, 2019

Autism - Diagnosing Autism And Doctors

When a doctor first suggests that your child has autism, your immediate reaction might be disbelief and the urge to seek a second, third, or even fourth opinion.

Because autism is so different in every child, it is a tricky disorder to diagnose.

However, there are a few key ways in which doctors can efficiently identify autism in children, and if your infant or toddler is showing any of these signs of autism, you should visit your paediatrician immediately to express your concerns. Autism occurs at a young age, rather than being a disorder an older child might develop.

It is usually detected before the age of three, and many times much earlier.The first signs or autism are usually delays or regression in speech communication.

Another early sign is abnormal behavior in group play situations and other social situations. The first step to diagnosing autism is a thorough physical examination as well as a review of family history by a specialist.

Although your regular paediatrician will be able to spot unusual behavior, you'll want your child to be examined by a professional who specializes in autism and other similar diseases to make sure your child is properly diagnosed.

The next step includes hearing tests. Sine language and social skill delays could be due to inadequate auditory sensations...

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Jun 12, 2019

Book Marketing - The Business Of Publishing

Book marketing: A very big congratulations, you're published! But what exactly does it mean to be "published"?

Besides the fact that your work is finally in print and your college alumni has asked to interview you for their newsletter, it also means fame and fortune, right?

Well, ok, maybe not on the level of J. K. Rowling, but at the very least you can expect a call from Oprah, right?I hate to be the one to break it to you but you're probably not even on her radar screen.

The truth about publishing is really stranger than fiction and the truth is: getting published is only half the battle. The other half is to keep your reality check in balance so it doesn't bounce.

While publishing is all about creative expression, it's also about business and it's those business savvy authors who will succeed in the end.

Now you don't have to be an MBA to be a keen business person, you simply have to understand that the choices you make relative to your books future should be based on strategies that will enhance sales not just drain your pocketbook.

So, how do you do this? First, take a long, hard look at your reader. You always need to create a reader profile for each book you promote. This reader profile will tell you where to find buyers for the books you represent.

Taking this first step helps sort through choices when it comes to book promotion and make decisions that are sound and will help leverage sales.

There are times when it's a waste of resources to do a nationwide radio or TV promotion. In fact, some of your programs should not include any outreach to broadcast media.

Why? Because as alluring as it might seem to appear on a top morning TV, what's the point if your audience doesn't watch morning TV?And, if your audience isn't watching this show, the chances are slim they'll even consider you anyway. What? More rejection? Who needs it!

As you embark on or continue your campaign, ask yourself a few tough questions. First, what's your ultimate goal for this book? If it's just to give away at family reunions, that's great!

If your book is an arm of your business and you have speaking engagements lined up through the end of the year.You probably don't need to spend a lot on marketing since most of your sales will come from your speaking engagements (i.e. back of the room sales)...

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Jun 12, 2019

Health - Wellbeing Diet Fitness Diseases Nutrition

Health, in human beings, is the level of any persons continuing physical, emotional, mental, and social capacity to cope with his natural environment. Such a definition, just one of many, has it's disadvantages. The somewhat frail person who keeps "well" within the accustomed surroundings of his or her being, could possibly capitulate to a heart attack from shoveling heavy snow after a blizzard.

A person who normally lives at sea level,may perhaps relocate to a new family home in the mountains, where the environment has a lower content of oxygen.

He may consequently suffer from shortness of breath and possibly anemia until his red blood cell count adjusts itself to the altitude. So even by this definition, the understanding of good health must entail some concession for change in the environment. Bad health can be defined as the presence of disease, and good health as it's absence.

A person who has not had a disease for a continued period of time, but then had sudden attack of seasickness, may not be considered as losing his good health as a result of such a misfortune. The same might apply to an expectant mother, completely healthy in the afternoons and evenings, but afflicted from morning sickness a few hours each day. Physical condition and wellbeing are not synonymous terms.

A three hundred and twenty pound American pro football player, may be in a tremendous physical condition(although outside the range of normality for weight) but may or may not be in excellent health-depending for illustration, whether or not he has fallen victim to a bout of influenza.

There are additional problems in settling upon a definition of human health...

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Jun 11, 2019

Career Test - Are You A Crisis Creator And Manager?

Career Test: Management by crisis has become one of the most popular terms.

These people allow a crisis to develop and then act upon it. They never try to anticipate a crisis, but act only when the full-blown crisis arrives.

Why do they manage like this?They behave in this way because they subconsciously enjoy fighting crisis, and for that they manufacture one.A good manager has few important tasks.

To set goals, to achieve them, to manage resources effectively, to anticipate problems, to fight them if they come un announced, to think and plan of future and to prepare the organization to stay ahead. Some managers ignore the problems when they are small.

Instead they pay their total attention to achieving given work.They sometimes believe that a problem may get solved in the course of time.

Some times that does happen, but most of the times, it does not.At that point they have a crisis with them that needs immediate attention...

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Jun 11, 2019

Marketing - Differences Between Marketing And Sales

Marketing and sales are one of the most important components of the survival of a business in the marketplace. While both are dependent on each other many people confuse marketing with sales and vice-versa which is a big mistake.

Marketing involves designing a product according to the needs of the market and customers, promoting the product through advertising etc. and setting up a competitive price for the product. Marketing is a platform which drives sales. While on the other hand the sales process is what you do to successfully sell a product and fetch a contract.

Sales and marketing together is a part of selling and one cannot do without the other. They can also be called activities. The success of a business is critical to the success of these two important activities. Marketing is the backbone of a company’s future and launching pad for the sales.

While the marketing process encompasses the design of the product, advertising etc. the sales process is the execution of all the efforts which involves direct interaction with client either by in-person, meeting, cold calls, or by networking. But there is always an ongoing rivalry between the two, one claiming dominance over other.

The marketing people say they have an upper hand because they think it is they who designs the products, lays down the strategy and also develop tools essential for sales. They say sales are the outcome of marketing and thus should follow its directions...

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Jun 11, 2019

Social Media Marketing - Differentiate Or Die

Social media marketing is an innovative concept, and because of this, many businesses and enterprises are a little nervy by it, or choose not to consider it significant. It makes no difference whatsoever which industry you operate in or the size of your business, chances are social media can help you, and it need not be complex. Here is why You should consider social media marketing for your business if you already haven't.

How can it help my business?Social media has a great number of uses from a marketing standpoint. It gives you the opportunity to promote your business to a much wider audience through networks, and platforms like Stumbleupon, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.Furthermore, it affords you the choice to engage with potential customers and build relationships without having to leave your desk.

Relationship building is a crucial part of converting leads into sales, and social media provides you with a dazzling ray of opportunities to do this at relatively low cost. Social media is ideal for small businesses that don't have a massive marketing budget, thus providing a simple way for your current customers and supporters to spread the word about your venture to their contacts and friends. The term for this is viral marketing, it is not time consuming and quite effortless on your part and can be highly effective.

An essential element of persuading customers to buy from you is building trust, and if you come recommended by their friends or colleagues, your potential customers are far more likely to trust you than an establishment they found through the search engine...

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Jun 11, 2019

Dr Martin Luther King Jr - The Phenomenal Achievements

Dr Martin Luther King Jr's legacy of change and his call for the end of racism and segregation in American society is without question the voice that has moved America as no other has done.

For while many have showed tremendous leadership, Dr. King clearly demonstrated a vision for the future of America in which black and white worked, lived, played and worshiped together as one society not two.

When you sit back and take in the phenomenal achievements of black history, it is natural to be moved to admiration by some of the great figures of black history including Booker T. Washington, George Washington Carver and many more.

But one name stands head and shoulders above the rest and that is the name Martin Luther King, Jr.

The honor and reverence all American’s have for Martin Luther King, Jr. is evident in how honored his name has become since his tragic death at the assassins hand in 1968.

All around this nation, virtually every U.S. city has named a major road after the great civil rights leader.He singularly has a U.S. holiday named after him, an honor usually reserved for presidents.

He has been honored on the U.S. stamp and no school child gets through his or her elementary education without knowing the key phrases from Dr. King’s famous “I have a dream” speech.Dr. King’s career in civil rights is inseparable from the early struggles of the civil rights movement from the late fifties going forward...

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Jun 11, 2019

Home Improvements - Tips And Advice In Planning For Upgrades

Home Improvements: When considering home improvements or an upgrade, it is important to ask family members for their opinions. So, how do you evaluate the answers?

Typical DiscoveriesTalking with family members about home improvements will lead to surprising answers. If you happen to be a couple, you each have times you need to be alone (computer work, business planning), and times you need to be alone together (initial discussions about family plans, a new job, the budget, travel, etc.).

This varies by age of course, and if you happen to have a family, children have similar needs for being alone, alone with friends and with the family. There are times when you will decide the children need your supervision no matter what their preferences.

DecisionsAfter discussions and interviews with family members, you are ready to map out a plan for how the various areas of the house are to be used. Do the initial plan and then discuss it with your partner.

Don’t discuss it with the children until the two of you are pretty much in agreement. Obviously, tastes are specific to individual people...

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Jun 11, 2019

Manifestation - Ancient Manifesting Secrets

There are many ancient secrets that are no longer hidden and lost as it use to be. Still few people have access to the empowering knowledge of such powerful techniques.

Although this knowledge is not as concealed as it once was, it is now draped in the understanding of quantum physics and the universal laws.

Amazingly only a minority of people get it; few take the time to realize the deep power that comes from the knowledge of these techniques and the application of them.

The breath as simple as it may be has the power to catapult your manifesting intentions to outstanding levels. Those who understand the science of breathing know that it allows you to accelerate your manifesting abilities.

Just take a deep swooping breath while holding a clear image in your mind. If you kept doing it you may find that your ability to concentrate grows stronger. The breath is power, it is what gasoline is to a car.

Retraining the mind with ambient sound also increases one’s ability to manifest in a more powerful way. As you can see the law of attraction is one simple law in a field of many levels of understanding.

You can program your mind to do what you want before you even consider worries about manifesting by balancing it out with sound frequencies...

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Jun 11, 2019

kenkey - Enjoy Kenkey And Shito Plus Recipe

Kenkey is a main dish similar to sourdough dumpling from the Ga, inhabited regions of West Africa, usually served with pepper sauce and fried fish or soup, stew.

It is also reffered to as kormi, Kokoe or Dorkunu. Areas where kenkey is eaten are Ghana, eastern Côte d'Ivoire, Togo, western Benin, Guyana (where it is known as "konkee"), and Jamaica.

It is generally made from ground corn (maize), like sadza and ugali. It is also known in Jamaica as dokunoo, dokono, dokunu, (the Asante refer to the same dish as "D?kono", pronounced as "Dorkono"), blue drawers, and tie-a-leaf.

In Trinidad it is called "paime" (pronounced pay-me) and differs in that it does not contain plantain but may include pumpkin and coconut.

In Caribbean cuisine, it is made with cornmeal, plantain, green banana, sweet potato (Asante and Jamaican version, which came from the Asante version) or cassava, wrapped in banana leaves. The food is derived from African cooking traditions...

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Jun 11, 2019

Small Biz - Differentiate Yourself And Attract More Sales

Differentiate and you stand out in a crowded marketplace. Present your uniqueness and emphasize your rare attributes in your sales copy and promotions and you'll capture the imagination and interest of those you want to reach.

In a world of copycats, it pays to be an original. It’s usually the creator of a new concept who gets the most mileage from it. Innovative entrepreneurs often become market leaders while competitors keep doing things the same old way – until change is forced upon them. Differentiate or die.

Challenging the way things have always been done can lead to creative new options that reward you with a windfall of profits. Differentiate your business and you attract attention. It’s new, different – even revolutionary – and it’s the kind of thing that generates excitement and creates a stir in the market.

After all, few new customers would be drawn to you -- if you were doing the exact same thing, the exact same way as everyone else.

Consider this question... “What Could You Do To Differentiate Yourself, Your Business, Or Your Product In A Way Prospects and Customers Would Appreciate?” Another thought to ponder is this... “What Traditions Could You Break That Would Capture Attention And Interest?”

Putting an effective new spin on your business should be done with the needs and desires or your customers and prospects in mind. Differentiate from their point of view. What changes can you implement that would make customers say “Wow!”?

Think in terms of what people want. Essentially, they want to be served better, faster and with more convenience. They want to be entertained. They want to solve problems with less effort. They want instant gratification...

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Jun 11, 2019

Small Biz - How To Create A Small Business Marketing Strategy

What does a small business marketing strategy mean to you? Some people automatically think in terms of their company’s long-term goals. When they start their small business, they create a long-term business plan, including a marketing strategy, that will help them develop their company over time.

Others think of a small business marketing strategy as a single campaign. They create a marketing campaign for one product or service they offer, and create a series of marketing tools that will help them sell that product or service.

While both may technically be correct, there is a distinct difference between the two. One creates a stream of income for a short period of time (typically a few weeks to a few months), while the other ensures you have a stream of income coming in on a regular basis.

In order to ensure an effective small business marketing strategy, you must have three things in place.

1. Multiple marketing tools in place. Every day a person is marketed to 60-100 times. You see banners on the sides of buses, advertisements in newspapers and magazines, and coupons in your mailbox. It’s easy to see why marketing tends to become almost non-existent in our minds.

But the thing that a good marketer realizes is that he has to use different marketing tools to reach different target audiences. Everyone has a different attention span.

Everyone is searching for different products and services at different times. A good small business marketing strategy has multiple tools in place to capture a prospects attention when he or she is ready for our product or service...

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Jun 11, 2019

Orgasm - Do You Get Yours Regularly?

Orgasm: This is a sad fact that, in these modern times, somewhere between 10% and 20% of adult women have never experienced an orgasm, and as many as 50% of women don’t orgasm during sex.

Sexual and sensual education have advanced to where we now understand much more about the female orgasm, such as the fact that women have two completely different places they can stimulate in order to bring themselves to full satisfaction.

Since the vibrator was specifically created to allow women to experience orgasms, it remains the best tool for women to discover what they enjoy, and what stimulates them in the best way to achieve the ultimate O.

The first step, of course, is acquiring a vibrator.

Most “adult stores” are pretty tacky and uncomfortable for women to shop in, which is why the internet is such a popular medium for adult toy shopping.Look at the pictures, read about the materials, and choose something you find attractive and that looks fun.

This is the first step on a wonderful journey, so enjoy it! To allow the best experience with your vibrator, give yourself some time with it.

Before you even switch it on, get relaxed and turned on. Take a long bubble bath, read an erotic story, get yourself in the mood...

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Jun 10, 2019

Love Quotes - I Love You

Love quotes: The famous three words we never hear enough of in our life.Throughout our life span we keep looking, waiting and hoping for something to take us, or lead us, to our true love.

Have you ever wondered where we can find love? What really is this word “Love” that we keep repeating to that someone special in our lives?

How many times do you tell your partner “I love you”? Do you really mean it, or do you just like to hear yourself speak? Or, is it just being said because it is part of the vocabulary that your partner likes to hear, or that helps make them feel secure about themselves.

So what’s love in the first place? What does love mean to you? Where can we find it? Before looking for answers, we need to establish things ourselves and understand the meaning of the word “LOVE”.

Love, in my point of view, is a flow of energy between two people that can bring awareness of their existence on this plane together, and this helps their relationship, and the harmony between them, to grow.

If love is a flow of energy, basically it is not costing you anything so why do we hold ourselves back from truly sharing that love with someone else. Vulnerability, security, or maybe fears prevent us, but how hard are we really trying to achieve “true love”?...

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Jun 10, 2019

Serbia Travel - Cheap Holidays In Serbia

Serbia travel: When you plan your cheap holidays in Serbia, make sure to include Belgrade and Novi Sad to the itinerary. These two cities will keep you busy for days.

The first place to start your fun is at the Kalemegdan. This is a zoo and park area with a beautiful castle. It will delight everyone in your group. It is something to see and notice how the animals react to people.

Skadarlija is a neighbourhood that offers little shops and restaurants with some historical sites. You will enjoy these two quaint areas of Belgrade. In addition, Dorcot is another area to visit that will impress on you.

The National Museum is something to explore for the history of Serbia and the surrounding areas. A favorite with all visitors is the House of Flowers, Marshal Tito Memorial.

It is more of a point of interest with interesting surroundings. You will want to spend a day on the beach at Ada Ciganlija. The white sands and warm waters are so right for a peaceful day...

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Jun 10, 2019

Pasta Salad - Simple Pasta Salad Recipe

If you can boil water you can make a quick and tasty pasta salad with very basic ingredients. All you need is pasta, vegetables, dressing and any other ingredients you may have handy.

Whatever type of pasta you have in your cupboard, from spaghetti to rigatoni or even that old box of macaroni and cheese, you can create a great salad in the time it takes the pasta to cook and cool.

The first thing to do before you start cooking any noodles is to look through your kitchen and decide which ingredients will be added to the salad. Here are a few ideas:


You can put just about any vegetable in a pasta salad. Onions, celery, carrots, bell peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, cucumber, raw spinach, etc. are good examples. If you prefer to have your vegetables cooked rather than raw you can throw them in the pot with your pasta.

I would wait until the pasta is partially cooked about 3 minutes before adding to keep veggiess from overcooking. The tomatoes and cucumber should be raw and added after the pasta is cooked and cooled...

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Jun 10, 2019

Small Biz - Differentiate Yourself And Attract More Sales

Differentiate and you stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Present your uniqueness and emphasize your rare attributes in your sales copy and promotions and you'll capture the imagination and interest of those you want to reach.

In a world of copycats, it pays to be an original. It’s usually the creator of a new concept who gets the most mileage from it.

Innovative entrepreneurs often become market leaders while competitors keep doing things the same old way – until change is forced upon them. Differentiate or die. Challenging the way things have always been done can lead to creative new options that reward you with a windfall of profits.

Differentiate your business and you attract attention. It’s new, different – even revolutionary – and it’s the kind of thing that generates excitement and creates a stir in the market.After all, few new customers would be drawn to you -- if you were doing the exact same thing, the exact same way as everyone else.

Consider this question... “What Could You Do To Differentiate Yourself, Your Business, Or Your Product In A Way Prospects and Customers Would Appreciate?” Another thought to ponder is this... “What Traditions Could You Break That Would Capture Attention And Interest?”...

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Jun 10, 2019

Branding - The Benefits And Advantages Of Brand Advocacy

Branding is the process of creating distinctive and durable perceptions in the minds of consumers. A brand is a persistent, unique business identity intertwined with associations of personality, quality, origin, liking and more. Here’s why the effort to brand your company or yourself pays off.

1. Memorability

A brand serves as a convenient container for a reputation and good will. It's hard for customers to go back to "that whatsitsname store" or to refer business to "the plumber from the Yellow Pages."

In addition to an effective company name, it helps when people have material reminders reinforcing the identity of companies they will want to do repeat business with: refrigerator magnets, tote bags, datebooks, coasters, key rings, first aid kits, etc.

Memorability can come from using and sticking with an unusual color combination (FedEx's purple and orange), distinctive behavior (the gas station whose attendants literally run to clean your windshield), or with an individual, even a style of clothing (Author Tom Wolfe's white suits).

Develop your own identifiers and nail them to your company name in the minds of your public.

2. Loyalty

When people have a positive experience with a memorable brand, they're more likely to buy that product or service again than competing brands.

People who closely bond with a brand identity are not only more likely to repurchase what they bought, but also to buy related items of the same brand, to recommend the brand to others and to resist the lure of a competitor's price cut. The brand identity helps to create and to anchor such loyalty...

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Jun 10, 2019

Humanities - What Are The Humanities?

The humanities are the stories, the ideas, and the expressions with the aim of helping us make sense of our lives and our world. The humanities introduce us to individuals we have never met, places we have never been to, and ideas that may have never entered our minds.

By presenting how others have lived and thought about life, the humanities help us decide what is crucial in our own lives and what we can do to make them better. By linking us with other people, they point the way to answers about what is right or wrong, or what is true to our heritage and our history.

The humanities help us attend to the challenges we face together in our families, our communities, and as a nation. The humanities should not be confused with "humanism," a specific philosophical belief, nor with "humanitarianism," the concern for charitable works and social reform.

As fields of study, the humanities call attention to analysis and exchange of ideas rather than the creative articulation of the arts or the quantitative explanation of the sciences. Disciplines of the humanities such as philosophy, history, and literary studies offer models and methods for addressing dilemmas and acknowledging uncertainty and paradox...

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Jun 10, 2019

Healthy Eating - Eating Healthy And Changing How You Eat

Healthy Eating: You might be aware that, not fueling up with the right nutrients can affect how well your body performs and your overall fitness benefits. Even though healthy eating is of great importance, there are myths that hinder your performance if you listen to them.

Here are some myth busters on healthy eating.

1. Working Out On An Empty Stomach.If you hear a rumbling noise in your stomach, the rumbling is trying to tell you something. Without listening to them, you are forcing your body to run without any fuel. Before you exercise or do any physical activity, always eat a light snack such as an apple or a banana.

2. Relying On Energy Bars And Drinks.

Although they are fine every once in a while, they don't deliver the antioxidants you need to prevent cancer. Fruits and vegetables are your best bets, as they are loaded in vitamins, minerals, fluid, and fibre.

3. Skipping Breakfast.Skipping breakfast is never a good idea, as breakfast starts the day.Your body needs fuel as soon as possible, and without it, you'll be hungry throughout the day...

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Jun 10, 2019

Career - Test Your Negotiation Skills

Career: Negotiation is part of every professional’s life.

To negotiate, means to arrive at an understanding with another person, so that both of you are satisfied with the results. Do you know what your skill is in negotiation?

If not, why not test and find out because most of our interactions demand negotiation. You are negotiating with your love partner about which place to go for dinner.

You negotiate with your co-workers about how to divide the work. You negotiate with your clients about prices and you negotiate with your boss about your paycheck. Let us discuss important test factors of a negotiation.

Understanding Need - If you are a good negotiator, you would begin with understanding the need of the opposite party.

Only after you get that understanding will you proceed further. The first requirement is to find out what the other person wants.Specifying Your Needs - Please spell out your needs clearly to the opposite party...

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Jun 10, 2019

Phoenix Tourism - Family Travel To Arizona

Phoenix tourism offers family vacation in this corner of the American Southwest and not just cool pools and slippery water slides.

One of America’s top outdoor destinations and the country's fifth largest city, it is not an accident that Phoenix is home to several of the best destination resorts located in the United States.

Explore desert parks and lakes, tour archaeology ruins and historic gold mining towns, or visit one of the many the museums and state-of-the-art sporting facilities.

From Surprise to Apache Junction, the twenty distinct communities that make up the greater Phoenix area offer visitors everything from the slow-paced rural southwest to a bustling college atmosphere.

Whether your interest is sports or archaeology, history or hiking, biking, horseback riding, or bird watching, Phoenix offers something for everyone not wanting to venture beyond the Valley of the Sun.

Enjoy hiking, biking and horseback riding at the many area parks such as South Mountain, McDowell or Papago...

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Jun 10, 2019

Teeth Whitening - Teeth Bleaching Kits Provide A Whiter Brighter Smile

Teeth Whitening There are so many people who are mortified to let their smiles show. Bright smiles often become a memory of the past due to age, coffee, tea or smoking. However, there are many solutions available today to bring back your pearly whites.

Here are several options for the person who wants to enjoy a whiter, brighter smile:

1. Laser teeth whitening is an option that has increased in popularity in recent years. One of the most popular options is the Zoom Teeth Whitening procedure, which can make your teeth up nine shades lighter.

Laser teeth whitening can give you a brighter smile, but you can expect a fairly high price tag. This procedure can also be fairly time-consuming.

2. You could also get your teeth whitened professionally at the dentist.This option is costly and time-consuming as well...

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Jun 09, 2019

FrizeMedia Ghana SEO SEM Digital Marketing - We Are Helping 1000 Businesses Amplify Their Presence Online

FrizeMedia Ghana is helping 1000 businesses get online in the country thus aiding them embrace the digital era. Whether you are a dressmaker, a personal trainer, an event company, a restaurant owner or a retailer, your online presence has never been crucial.The digital age is here and whether you like or not, its moving at warp speed.

FrizeMedia Ghana is well positioned to help businesses make a smooth and seamless transition without getting to grips with SEO and SEM and the many lingo that goes with your company being found online. We are here for one reason, to help your business stand out and your prospective customer identify you with clarity.If you do not own a website, don't worry, we can help. You do not need to own a website for your business to be found online.

It does help, but not essential. call +233 55 8582264 and find out how FrizeMedia Ghana and Charles Friedo Frize can elevate your business today...

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Jun 09, 2019

Home - Choosing A Place To Live

Home: Blessed indeed are they who are free to choose where and how they shall live. Still more blessed are they who give abundant thought to their choice, for they may not wear the sackcloth of discomfort nor scatter the ashes of burned money.

TASTE AND EXPEDIENCE Most of us have a theory of what the home should be, but it is stowed away with the wedding gifts of fine linen that are cherished for our permanent abode.

We believe in harmony of surroundings, but after living, within a period of ten years or so, in seven different apartments with seven different arrangements of rooms and seven different schemes of decoration, we lose interest in suiting one thing to another.

Harmony comes to mean simply good terms with the janitor. Or if (being beginners) we have some such prospect of nomadic living facing us, and we are at all knowing, we realize the utter helplessness of demonstrating our good taste, purchase any bits of furniture that a vagrant fancy may fasten upon.

We give space to whatever gimcracks our friends may foist upon us, trusting that in the whirligig of removals the plush rocker, the mission table, and the brass stand may each find itself in harmony with something else at one time or another. Some day we shall be freed from the tyranny of these conditions and then...

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Jun 09, 2019

Soups - Good Food And Best Recipes

SOUP is a liquid food that is prepared by boiling meat or vegetables, or both, in water and then seasoning and sometimes thickening the liquid that is produced. It is usually served as the first course of a dinner, but it is often included in a light meal, such as luncheon.

Soup is an easily made, economical, and when properly prepared from healthful and nutritious material, very wholesome article of diet, deserving of much more general use than is commonly accorded it. The purpose of this Section is to acquaint you with the details of making appetizing and nutritious soups that make for both economy and healthfulness.

VALUE OF SOUP IN THE MEALSoup contains the very essence of all that is nourishing and sustaining in the foods of which it is made. The importance of soup is to consider the purposes it serves in a meal...

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Jun 09, 2019

Goal Setting Success - Attracting Success

Goal setting success often eludes many people.We all wish to be successful and yet somehow we seem to be missing the target. We will show you how to become more successful in all your endeavors. Success often eludes many people.

Like the inevitable pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, people set their hearts on following their dreams only to wake up disappointed.

Disappointment can be crushing to people. They sit and wonder what on earth they did wrong. They may have a strong belief in that pot of gold, but a dream alone cannot make your visions a reality.

You may have read a myriad of books and followed all the rules and imagined yourself as the successful person that you want to be. Your vision may be crystal clear and that is a good thing. What are your dreams? What are you hopes for the future?

Have you ever written them down?

If you could be anything that you wanted to be and go where you wanted to go, who would you be? What would you be like? Where would you be living?

Now ask yourself this question: What do I need to do in order to live the life I dream of? What do I need to do to make my dreams a reality? The first step is to make sure you do not put off the vision too far in the distance...

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Jun 09, 2019

Blogging Advice - Blogging On A Social Network

Blogging advice: Blogging is becoming increasingly popular and social networks are also becoming more and more popular as well.

Social networks include popular websites such as FaceBook, Twitter where users can create personal or business pages or walls and interact with other users. These pages may include a wide range of components including text, images, audio, video and blogs.

Here system users can voice their opinions, provided updates on their life, offer insight into current events or accomplish a number of other goals.

However, bloggers who utilize a social network to maintain their blog should consider a few different factors.

This article will discuss some of these factors including whether to make the blogs available to the public or keep them private, considering the audience of the blog and dealing with harassment through the blog.

Making Blogs Private or PublicMost social networks enable users to make their website either private or public. Private websites are only available to the user and other users he specifically approves to view his website while public websites are available to all users of the system.These same capabilities also apply to the blogs which are maintained on a social network.

This decision will be largely based on a matter of personal preference.

Social networks can be quite extensive and some bloggers may be apprehensive about their blog being available to such a large audience while other bloggers may have no apprehensions about the size of the potential audience.

Bloggers should carefully consider this option before staring a blog but always have the option to change these settings after the blog has been established if they change their mind about the choice they originally made...

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Jun 09, 2019

Small Business Advice - Setting Up And Growing Your Enterprise

Small business Advice: Small business is an expression that is frequently used day-to-day. That is simply for the reason that in the past decade, the ascent of small business has been larger than in any other decade preceding.

This is largely due to the increasing number of services that are available to small business owners, to enable them to keep their business running.

There really isn't any guidelines for when the term small business is used, however it is simply defined as a business which has a small number of employees.

How few employees is debatable, and the definition of when a business changes from a small business to a larger corporation varies both by country and industry. This number is generally less then 100 employees. As mentioned before small businesses due to their nature, are in most times sole proprietorships, partnerships, or privately owned.

Common in many countries, small businesses, are most often related to: accountants, restaurants, guest houses, photographers, small shops, hairdressers, tradesmen, lawyers, small-scale manufacturing etc.

Small businesses in many cases are located in private homes, for two main reasons. The first being it is economical and in most cases convenient...

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Jun 09, 2019

Business - Crisis Management Strategies And Risk Management

The Net has opened worlds for businesses and consumers, but it has also created a public relations nightmare for businesses. Forums, opinion Web sites, blogs, and anything that is publishable can smear a company's name in moments.

Crisis management is the procedure by which an organization deals with unexpected and disruptive events that puts in jeopardy the organization or its stakeholders.

The evaluation of crisis management evolved with the large-volumes of industrial and environmental disasters in the 1980s. It is considered to be the most crucial process in public relations

Three factors are common to a crisis:

(a) a threat to the organization,(b) the element of surprise, and(c) a short decision time.Venette argues that "crisis is a process of transformation where the old system can no longer be maintained". Therefore, the fourth defining quality is the need for change. If change is not required, the event could more accurately be described as a failure or incident.

Remember, "Yours Is a Very Bad Hotel" presentation that described one customer's bad experience with a hotel chain? Hotels are run by humans.Humans make mistakes. It's how you handle the mistakes that can make the difference in customer service.

Since the hotel's employees didn't try to help the customer overcome a bad situation, the customer lashed back and bloggers blogged it. If the hotel is on top of its game, it would unleash its crisis management (also known as reputation management) team to salvage its reputation while it can...

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