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After school activities: For millions of parents around the world, the day does not end with the school bell.

There are still pictures to be painted, songs to be sung and games to be played.

This all adds up to keeping children happy, safe and out of trouble.

But, parents have to steer away from going overboard.

After school is not baby-sitting:

After school activities thrive only if it is backed by sufficient parental involvement.

What would a soccer match be without parents cheering their little heroes from the sidelines?.

Research and choose:

Instead of convenience being the decisive factor, find out things that will interest your child.

Once you select a program, get the fine print and find out what you have to contribute.

                              After School Activities - Music

Free time:

Many children attend piano classes, followed by ballet and squeeze in some time for play dates in between just before they rush home in time for bed.

This rigor is too much for a child. So, go slow.

When to quit:

Often, parents enroll their child in an activity to discover that he may not be the prodigy they thought he would be.

This is the time to let go.

Your child may not become the next wonder-kid. But, let him cultivate an interest that he enjoys.

Remember, happiness and fulfillment are all that matter.

                                After School Activities - Play

After school activities for the overweight

Research and studies show that our children are growing overweight by the day.

Many families all over America and the rest of the western world are struggling to keep the weight of their children within reasonable limits.

So, what's the alternative?

Studies show that the number one reason for obesity in children is not junk food and colas. It's actually TV.

Children tend to plop themselves on the sofa and munch away happily when they are in front of the TV sets.

But, once the set is off, their natural buoyancy will lead the children to do stuff and to move their body.

                             After School Activities - Craft

They will then be diverted from eating.

Recreational after school activities are a must if you feel that your child is beginning to put on undesirable fat.

It is better to begin these activities as early as possible.

The more weight the child gains, the harder he has to work to shed it.

Football, swimming, skating and Karate are just some activities he can participate in.

Structured and disciplined exercise is possible only when one is put into a formal environment.

That is why an overweight child simply HAS to be put into an after school program of this kind.

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