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Pubic Hair Sugaring Or Waxing

Waxing.The ultimate decision is up to you when it comes to pubic hair removal. There are a few choices and many individuals see them in a different light. Some find that just trimming the hair is enough while others are looking for the Brazilian wax where all hair is removed. How should it be done?  What is the right way to go about it?  

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Should You Wax? Most individuals find that the most successful and the most beneficial type of hair removal for the pubic area is through waxing. It is safe, although it can be somewhat painful. It is also inexpensive and lasts a good while, so it is by far the most chosen method of hair removal. Although waxing is not a permanent solution, it can help to keep hair at bay for several weeks at a time.  

The hair is removed directly from the shaft, which means that the follicle is not necessarily damaged and will re-grow hair. On a positive note, many individuals find that the hair that does grow back is not as coarse or as dark. And, in some cases, people find that the hair is also less with each procedure. This is due to the damage that can be caused to the follicle during the procedure.  If the follicle is damaged and cannot grow hair, you get a more permanent solution.


Getting The Hair Removed There are many reasons why you should look into waxing. First, you can do this yourself if you prefer.  There are several at home kits that you can use. Alternatively, you can also look into having a professional do the work for you as well. 

While this may cost more, you’ll yield a better result and save yourself the work. When you wax the pubic hair, you can control how much and what shape you want to wax in. When purchasing products to use for waxing, make sure that the products you purchase can be used in this area of the body as some products will not be sensitive enough for it.

Sugaring Versus Waxing

What’s in the wax? The mixture that you will use is a combination of paraffin or beeswax and natural oils. These products are chosen since they work well with the body and stick to the skin. There are two types, cold and hot waxing.  Some have supplements in them to help improve the skin’s feel and texture.  Hot Waxing:  In this method of waxing, a hot but comfortable temperature is used for the wax. 

It is spread onto the area in the direction of the hair growth.  When the wax cools, it is torn off quickly in the opposite direction, pulling the hair out with it. Usually, this gives the best results in waxing. Cold Waxing: In this method of waxing, the strips of cloth are coated with the wax and them applied to the skin. 

The strips are rubbed in the direction of the hair growth and then ripped off in the opposite direction. After you wax your skin, you can use a treatment of a non perfumed moisturizer. 
This will help to restore the feel of the skin by adding Vitamin B and Aloe Vera to it. 

Whatever you do, you do not want to go swimming, use a spa or hot tub, tan, or apply perfume, deodorant or other chemicals to the area that was just waxed as these can cause infections and pain. It is important that you carefully look at your skin prior to using any type of waxing. You should not use in areas where there are open sores, infection, moles, warts or other skin irritations. 

You should never attempt to wax eyelashes, ear hair, nose hair or nipple hair.  And, you should make sure that you use the appropriate combination of wax for specific areas such as pubic hair. Make sure to test the temperature of the wax so that you do not get burned too. Waxing has been around for centuries because it is an effective way to remove hair.  There are not normally side effects besides a little bit of pain and redness unless of course you have sensitive skin. Waxing is an effective method to remove unwanted hair from many areas of your body.

Sugaring Sugaring is an alternative without any side effects as all ingredients are natural. The technique is much the same as waxing but instead of using the wax, a sugar based mixture is used.  It is organic and it is much easier to clean up. It has been used for centuries. The paste, made out of sugar and water is applied to the skin, allowed to harden and then washed off. 

The hairs will stick to the sugary paste and will come right out. For people with sensitive skin, sugaring is a safer alternative to waxing and also highly recommended for upper lips and eyebrows as well. No strips are used in sugaring so there is not much ripping off to do as in waxing. Another benefit is that it is much less expensive than the use of electrolysis or that of lasers.


Lotions Versus Skin Care Creams

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