Bareboat Sailing
And What You Need To Know

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Boating: Bareboat sailing means that the yacht you charter does not have the amenities you would have with a crewed or luxury sailing charter.

You don’t necessarily need to have sailing experience as you can have a captain and crew along on these charters as well.

If you book a bareboat charter, you have to supply all your own food as well as that of the captain and crew.

Boating - Bareboat Sailing

You will also have to pay these people yourself because that cost is not included in the quote for bareboat sailing yachts.

You can book a bareboat sailing charter in just about any part of the world where there are sailing charters available.

You can sail the yacht yourself if you have the necessary qualifications.

However, in many parts of the world where there are navigation hazards, such as in the islands of Greece, you may need to

have an experienced captain along with you for bareboat sailing.

The charter company will supply you with all the navigational charts you need and will give you the instruction you need so that you can have a safe sailing charter.

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Have you ever considered bareboat sailing?

The yachts available for these sailing charters are well maintained and the budget price will provide you with a cheap vacation.

The major cost involved in this type of charter will be the travel costs associated with getting to the boat.

The cost of living on the boat can be low cosidering you are providing your own food.

With a bareboat sailing charter in the med, you will enjoy sunfilled days, exotic scenery and turquoise waters.

There are many itineraries for you to choose from if this type of  charter appeals to you.

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Choosing the mediterranean as your location for bareboat sailing will offer you a stress free holiday.

There are hardly tides, currents or high waves to worry about and there is usually a steady afternoon wind in the summer, which makes for ideal sailing conditions.

The temperature of the water is perfect for swimming in the summer, so your bareboat yacht could become your diving platform.

When you consider bareboat sailing, there are so many places in the world you can go that you will have a difficult decision to make.


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