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Giving Happiness

We all want happiness. We all need appreciation.

We all crave for recognition. We all want to be applauded.

We all desire to be called as good and lovely human beings.

We are all looking for this certificate from our friends, family and our partner.

This makes us happy.

Happiness - Giving Happiness #FrizeMedia

This makes us feel good about ourselves.

This gives us new confidence in ourselves. 

This all gives us a new and positive self esteem, which is very important.

How to get it? Let us do all this for others. 

If no one is praising us, let us praise others. 

Let us do all that we want others to do to us.

Happiness And The Art Of Giving

Let us give love, affection, appreciation, and let us applaud others even for a very small victory. 

Will this help us? It helps us immediately.

The first feeling we get after doing a good deed is feeling of satisfaction.

This raises our self esteem in our own eyes.

This makes us feel good. By making others happy, we get happiness.

So let us become proactive and get all we want by not asking for it, but giving it.

What will happen to others when they get such praise from us?

They will feel very happy.

They will be happy with us.

They will like us even more.

They will like to do something in return. They will do all that we have been wishing for.

Send happiness to get happiness. The shortest route to a lovely life.

Happiness is a state of mind, when one feels contented with oneself.

One feels cheerful with one's life and circumstances.

Remaining unhappy is not our goal in life, but happiness is our goal.

If we are not happy, life become a burden. One lives, but only because one has no choice.

Why not make happiness a part of everyday living?


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New! Comments

Have your say about what you just read! Leave a comment in the box below.
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