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Job interviews: While applying for a job, the cover and thank you letters carry a lot of importance.

It gives you an opportunity to showcase your personality and style too.

Doing it in the right way can help you get a job easily and also get positive responses from potential employees.

It is sometimes argued that whether or not a person should bring a cover letter in an interview. 

To get the answer to this question, it is first necessary to understand why at all a cover letter is required.

The cover letter basically forms as an introducing document for your resume.

  • Your resume consists of detailed information about your background, qualification and experience.

    Whereas a cover letter briefly outlines the skills, knowledge, and the abilities that are relevant to the job applied for.

    An ideal cover letter would consist of:

    The post that the candidate is applying for   
  • A brief introduction   
  • An outline of the highest qualification and where the job seeker is employed presently or how long he / she had been unemployed.    
  • Why the job seeker thinks he is suited for the job.   
  • The job seeker’s contact details

A well drafted cover letter can focus on not only the past of a candidate but also the job seeker’s future plans, and aspirations.

However, as n interview means that the employer will directly seek your resume, a cover letter may not be of too much importance.

However, if you are sending your resume to a potential employer then it is necessary that you add an impressive cover letter to it. 

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Thank you letters:

The ‘Thank you letters’ on the other hand is a way by which you thank an interviewer for taking out time for the interview and meeting you.

A Thank you letter is a good way to strengthen the bond with the employers.

You can also send your Thank you letters by email.

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New! Comments

Have your say about what you just read! Leave a comment in the box below.