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Small Business Virtual Assistant

Many different businesses already employ virtual assistants or other online support for everyday tasks. What about those who are not quite as likely to dive into the virtual workforce? Small retail businesses, often know as Mom and Pop shops, are an ideal candidate for virtual employees. Many owners of these smaller companies may not even realize that virtual employees are a possibility, furthermore, many fail to see the benefits of outsourcing their administrative, marketing or accounting needs. To many smaller retail stores, the thought of hiring on additional staff for any of these tasks can seem much too expensive. In reality, using virtual assistants, marketers or accountants is really a way to cut costs.

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Let’s take a look at a few examples. 

1. Virtual assistants on a project to project basis. Many small business owners often wish they could have someone on hand when they need them to help with projects of all sizes. Perhaps they need a new brochure or sales flyer designed. Maybe they have a large mailing that is making them pull their hair out! Virtual assistants can step in at a moment’s notice, at any time and support them to whatever degree is necessary. 

2. Virtual assistants as marketing consultants. A lot of smaller mom and pop organizations think that marketing is not an affordable option. Yes, marketing can be an expensive venture, but it is vital and can be done on a budget. Many virtual assistants are very experienced in marketing their own companies, as well as assisting other businesses with their marketing campaigns. Their involvement with marketing can be anything from brainstorming and consulting all the way to running or managing the entire campaign.

3. Virtual assistants as webmasters or the online department of a mom and pop shop. Sometimes retailers, like most business people, tend to get in a bit of a rut. If your business is doing well, you may not see the need for any additions or changes. However, in this increasingly online world, having your foot in the door of the online marketplace is key. This is where a virtual assistant can step in and save the day. Having a website is necessary these days. You may not want or be able to actually do business online, but you must have a site that gives information of your business venture, hours, address, etc. You can decide how deep in the online pool to swim, but don’t be so scared of drowning that you never test the waters. 

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You can hire a virtual assistant to consult with you to figure out exactly what type of site you need, what you want to say, the most affordable way to get up and running, etc. Virtual assistants can also design, maintain and update your website on an ongoing basis. So, whether you own the general store, a local restaurant, your town’s bowling alley or any other mom and pop venture, don’t be afraid to reach out to unconventional resources for help to ensure that mom and pop’s business stays strong long after the grand kids take over!

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