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Teeth Whitening

Whitening Products Help Win Your Smile Back

Teeth whitening:There were such a variety of teeth whitening products found in the dental aisle at the local grocery store, that Jessica could not decide which one was best for her.

All she wanted was to finally have white teeth, but after looking around she found it difficult to decide exactly how much should a bright smile cost.

There was a diverse amount of teeth whitening products on both sides of her, and the shelves were packed with gels, toothpastes and creams that all touted themselves as the absolute best choice in tooth whiteners.

With all her worries about how much should a bright smile cost, Jessica found herself picking up every tooth whitener around her and reading the product information to herself but out loud.

“This tooth whitening gel eliminates stains and will guarantee the white teeth you have always dreamed of,” she told one teeth whitening product, as if the box of tooth whitener would somehow speak back.

“And this product promises to guarantee teeth whitening also – or your money back.”

Jessica began to worry more; all she wanted was to whiten her smile before tomorrow’s big date with Anthony – they had met in this very grocery store last week.

Just as Jessica felt she might drown in a sea of teeth whitening products, she reached out for one more white teeth remedy, and she placed her hand on someone else’s hand who was also reaching for the same product that promised a low bright smile cost.

she looked up from her hand to those same piercing green eyes he’d met last week. “What are you doing here Jessica?” He asked her.

She told him she’d come to the tooth whitener aisle for the same reason he had; she wanted to have beautiful white teeth for when she met him tomorrow.

So she came back to the store to get some teeth whitening products, but had seen Anthony looking through all the products for the very same reason.

“Well, I don’t know how much might a bright smile cost, but I do know one thing.” Anthony told her with his own bright smile.

“I know that I’m glad we are both nervous about the same silly thing, and that makes me think that tomorrow will be the start of something absolutely wonderful.” And it was.

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