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Tips And Guide On Outlines

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A good resume indicates how you might perform in that desired future job position.

The content of your resume is not just about you and about your past jobs and how you performed.

It is advisable to emphasis more on your accomplishments gained in your past jobs that are most relevant to the job you are applying for.

The best way is to remove responsibilities included and replace it with job accomplishments.

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Steps To Write A Good Resume

The first step is to include the job objective.

If you fail to show your sense of direction, the employer won’t be interested in you.

But having a well stated and good objective doesn’t confine that you’re the best, this is only the first step.

The second step is to clearly identify the type of job position and skill sets expected by the employer and make

your own assessments, like how you fit best the role and how your accomplishments satisfy the expectations of the employer of that particular position.

And modify your resume according to that particular job position that you are applying for.

Applying with the same resume for all job positions will hinder your chances of success.

The third step is to decide whether your resume format will be in a chronological or functional format.

Opt for a chronological format when you are in the same field with clear cut qualifications and go for a functional one when you are changing fields.

The fourth step is to fill your resume with problem-action-results that occurred in your work place and how you handled them.

The fifth and final step is to present your resume in a clearly visible, organized and readable format with no grammatical and spelling mistakes.

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