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Skagen Watches

Affordable High Quality Jewelry Watches

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Skagen watches- Founded in 1987, Skagen Designs, Ltd., makers of Skagen watches, is an international group based in Reno, Nevada.

When two Danish immigrants Henrik and Charlotte Jorst came to the United States from their native Denmark in pursuit of a dream owning and running their own business, they realized their dream with Skagen Designs.

The world of watches is vast and teeming with numerous brands. With all kinds of watches from designer to sports to regular wear to technologically advanced.

But choosing the one that is not only beautiful, but durable and affordable is not an easy job. In this over-crowded market, Skagen watches seem to be the perfect answer.

Affordable High Quality Jewelry Watches #FrizeMedia

Renowned for their ‘slimline’ watch designs, Skagen watches are available for both men and women in sleek and contemporary designs.

High quality watches in different models, you can own a Skagen watch for around $100 only!

Today, they have made Skagen in to a brand that is most notable for its design and manufacturing of fine wrist watches in the signature thin width designs and at affordable prices.

Other products part of the Skagen Collection include clocks, pens, and sunglasses, each reflecting the creative and innovative approach of this Danish couple with clean, sleek, elegant designs that are skillfully crafted and technically perfect.

Therefore, when you purchase any Skagen watch you become part of an international group of Skagen watch owners who believe in the philosophy of design and excellence in manufacturing just like the Jorsts.

Here are some of the best features of Skagen watches, besides the price tag, which make these timekeepers irresistible!

Sleek, elegant and contemporary Danish styling Watches have solid stainless steel and solid titanium cases

Precision Japanese quartz movements

Scratch-resistant mineral crystals polish keeps the watches looking new for longer

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Almost all Skagen watches are water resistant to 3ATM/ 30M/ 100FT

Many watches styles are available with screw backs, luminous hands, date and chronograph

The Skagen watches have stainless steel or titanium bands, or top-quality leather or water-friendly rubber

A nice low-profile watch that is ideal for casual wear

The Skagen watches are available in price range from $85 - $199 only!

And each and every watch comes with the Skagen Denmark Lifetime Limited Warranty always

Skagen is a small, picturesque fishing village on the northern-most tip of the Danish peninsula where the Kattegat and Skagerak Seas conform to create a breathtaking spectacle that it takes your breath away!

The perfect beauty and purity of the Skagen village explain where the Danish design company found its qualities and name.

Skagen Designs Ltd., manufacture expertly crafted yet affordable watches as compared to other designer watch brands such as Movado, Swatch, Omega, and Rolex. Exhibiting contemporary Danish design, Skagen watches come with ‘Skagen Denmark’ label.

Over the past few years, the popularity of these quartz watches has seen a definite increase with more and more young professionals finding them perfect for their daily use.

Skagen watches are also available in titanium with quartz or automatic movements.

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