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Stuhrling Watches

Stuhrling Original

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A Stuhrling watch is a timepiece that combines style and multi-functioning capabilities. Many of the designs include a skeleton back for observation of the movement of the intricate watch parts. One such creation is the Rose Gold automatic Open Heart Stuhrling 2 Zone watch. This distinctive timepiece boasts a 20-jewel Lexus movement with the case, buckle, and round bezel coated in rose gold. The Mother-of-Pearl inner ring is set off by the black textured dial. Stuhrling watches are popular with collectors and anyone who desires to be a trendsetter. The Men's Doctors Regulater Moonphase design is a favorite. It is adorned with a genuine leather black strap and is water resistant to 100 feet. The textured dial is a conversation piece with the moonphase sub-dial and an open heart included in the design.

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Admirers of Stuhrling watches are impressed with the quality craftsmanship and advanced technology found in each design. The elegant appearance shows the attention to detail in every watch--from ribbon textured dials, to separate minute and hour dials, to secure butterfly clasps, and more. Each watch is designed with dependable Swiss quartz movement. A good number of Stuhrling watches comes with the option of a black or brown leather strap with quick release pins for rapid interchangeability.

The dual deployment clasp is designed to keep the watchband securely fastened. Some of the Stuhrlings have markings indicating the time in various time zones around the world. Other designs have combined analog and digital components with a perpetual calendar.

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About Stuhrling Original Watches With dedication to the heritage of Swiss watchmaking, Stuhrling Original timepieces appeal to the most discriminating taste at reasonable prices. The company has roots dating back to the 1800's when Switzerland emerged as the global leader in watchmaking.

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Stuhrling Original remains committed to its mission of preserving the high standards set in Switzerland manufacturing all of their fine timepieces in their Swiss-owned factory! Each and every model conveys an inimitable story with extraordinary style. You'll find heirloom selections for both men and women that even the most astute watch collector will cherish and admire.

In the workshops of Stuhrling Original, the unit specializing in mechanical movements, component selection, assembly, lubrication, adjustment and testing creates horological wonders entirely under vigilant attention of Swiss ownership and supervision. It is these workshops that produce the mechanical engines that are famous for meeting the highest existing criteria in there category. Starting with the main plate, the assembly process is performed in several consecutive stages up until anchoring the balance spring, which sets the watch into motion.

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Assembling a Stuhrling Original mechanical automatic movement comprises no less than 30 checkpoints, spread throughout the assembly process. Adjusting the angle of lift of the pallets, centering the balance-spring, poising the balance are just a few examples of these checkpoints; of which all are designed to enhance the performance of each movement. The movement must meet no less than seven criteria, including a mean variation in rate which is the highest standard in the industry in its class. Stuhrling Original cases are distinguished by their technical complexity, their high-end aesthetic appeal and the quality of their finish.

The watch cases are made from antimagnetic 316L surgical grade stainless steel, an extremely sophisticated alloy designed to stand up to intensive use. The rough parts, known as "middlecases" are blanked from a metal bar using a high-performance press. They then undergo eight successive stamping operations of a strength increasing gradually from 20 to 85 tons. Before each swaging operation, the middlecase is refired at a temperature of 1100 degrees Celsius, so as to temporarily reduce the hardness to a total stamping pressure of more than 400 tons.

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Finishing the cases then calls for fifteen polishing operations, all performed by hand alternating with nine baths guaranteeing immaculate cleanliness. Other components of the cases, such as rotating bezels or rider tabs also require a meticulous finish. The components of the cases are finally assembled by hand and rigorously tested. Each Stuhrling Original dial has been designed to enable optimal read-off at a glance, while adding an element of artistic design. Stuhrling Original's dials are blanked from a brass plate and two cylindrical feet are soldered below to ensure security with the movement.

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Polishing operations, creating special effects through the use of vintage hydraulic German machines, and electroplating are just some of the more than forty operations required to make most StuhrlingOriginal dials. The transparent protective coating is applied in an immaculately clean environment before the various inscriptions are transfer printed using a gelatin pad which takes an impression from an inked block. On many of the dials the hour markers are either individually applied by hand or embossed into the dial and then topped with a special dye. The application of Super Luminova is performed by artisans with a nozzle pen connected to a high-pressure pipe which calls for intense concentration. Once finished, each dial undergoes careful aesthetic scrutiny under extreme magnification, as well as technical testing, to ensure it complies with all predefined dimensions and specifications.

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