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Partner with me and let's collaborate on the influential strategy of #InfluencerMarketing, an incredibly effective tool for generating revenue. By joining forces with #FrizeMedia, we can combine our expertise and resources to achieve extraordinary success in this dynamic field. Together, we can explore numerous opportunities and unlock the full potential of this innovative marketing approach.

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In today's digital landscape, influencer marketing has become a game-changer for businesses of all sizes. Through strategic partnerships with influencers, brands can tap into a loyal and engaged audience, driving brand awareness, customer acquisition, and ultimately, revenue growth. The power of influencer marketing lies in the ability to reach targeted audiences in an authentic and relatable way.

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When collaborating with FrizeMedia, you gain access to a vast network of influential individuals who have already established credibility and trust with their followers. By leveraging their influence, we can amplify your brand message and connect with your target audience on a deeper level.

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However, it's not just about the reach and engagement that influencers can provide. It's also about the credibility and trust they have built with their followers. According to a recent survey, 63% of consumers trust influencers' opinions and recommendations more than traditional advertising. This means that when an influencer endorses your brand, it carries a significant level of trust and can result in increased brand loyalty and customer conversions.

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By collaborating with FrizeMedia, you gain access to a team of experts who understand the intricacies of influencer marketing. We have a proven track record of success, assisting brands across various industries in achieving their marketing goals through strategic influencer partnerships. Our team will closely collaborate with you to identify the right influencers for your brand, develop compelling influencer marketing campaigns, and track the performance to ensure maximum return on investment.

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To learn more about the exciting possibilities that await us and how FrizeMedia can help you unlock the full potential of influencer marketing, please read on. Together, let's create a powerful collaboration and drive remarkable success in the world of influencer marketing.

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Influencer Marketing is the method of fostering relationships with influential people with the aim of their assistance in creating visibility for your products or services. This type of marketing depends on you having something great to offer your potential customers, and the audience of the Influencer, and it also depends on you building a great relationship with the Influencer as well. Similar to Content marketing, it is a technique of making and distributing valuable and relevant content to bring in a much defined target audience with the over all objective being the creation of sales and informing. This is a way of reaching out to your customers and potential customers in a way specifically designed to attract them to you and keep them coming back.

Content marketing is all done without overtly trying to sell a product. It is intended to educate and inform the customers. With typical marketing, the goal is to make a sale and the product or service is the main point of the approach. Content marketing is very different from this approach and has proven to be very effective. The idea around content marketing is to deliver consistent and useful information to the customer.

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Good quality content can be highly targeted and ought to accomplish two goals. Foremost, it should educate others how to solve a problem or how to do their job better. As a consequence, it establishes you as a thought leader and an Influencer in that area. Each aspect organically leads to more business, if you offer them real value. This is fundamental psychology and it gets real results.

PR agecies have always built relationships with bloggers and Influencers to which helps them build word-of-mouth authority and brand trust. It is noteworthy for every brand to build marketing relationships not just with their social following but with authors who are influential and Influencers who blog. The result of working with Influencers enables you to produce increased website traffic, online conversions, and boost product and brand trust. An Influencer network describes a series of marketing relationships that contribute to an authentic, word-of-mouth marketing effort.

Partnership And Collaboration Opportunity I have a purpose, and it is to effect positive change in this world through business and through my interactions. To inspire, empower and motivate through good principles, ethics and excellence. I have set up a partnership where I invite individuals and businesses to partner with me by referring business to me. To engage with my partners at a meaningful level, to adhere on basic aspects of running a good business, encourage them about the future, and to collectively raise our standards. I invite you to join us in partnering with a young and dynamic growing and fledgling advertising, marketing and media company.

Influencer Marketing - Charles Friedo Frize Invites You To Participate In A Partnership And Equally Share The Ad Revenue

My name is Charles Friedo Frize and I am setting new standards in how a business should be run. I are offering equal share of the ad revenue of any business that you refer. This is not a commission or salaried job. Any business you refer to advertise on our engaging platforms, half of the recurring income is equally shared with you for the life of the business. Every time we get paid, as an equal partner with the business that you introduce, half is yours. You obviously pay your own taxes and take care of your financial obligations like everyone else. It's pretty simple. This is not a sales job as mentioned, but to truly empower you to start your own solid business or as a source of extra income. No small print to hide legal jargon. And that is not all.

Influencer Marketing - Charles Friedo Frize Invites You To Participate In A Partnership And Equally Share The Ad Revenue

As I am approaching this from a level of sincerity and holistically, I am doing all that is possible to make this a "no brainer" of a deal. When you refer five businesses, we will then create a web page for you on our dynamic digital marketing and advertising platforms. A web page that will promote your business, interests or hobbies. I am speaking with a tone directed both at individuals thinking about partnering with me as well as businesses looking for an advantage by having a partnership with me. Instances in which I am describing or directing answers to businesses and how we can help them grow, it is noteworthy for individuals looking to partner with me, to make note as to understand how we operate. This will help the individual have a composite picture of our business methods and models, and will aide them in talking to potential clients about the benefits and advantages that we as a partner do offer. 

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We Are Helping 1000 Businesses Get Online

FrizeMedia Ghana

SEO SEM Digital Marketing 

We Are Helping 1000 Businesses Amplify Their Online Presence

Importance Of Web Analytics Web analytics is a phrase which gives an importance to the study of the influence of a website on its users. This is especially of great value to Ecommerce businesses and other online publishers. Web analytics provides information about the number of visitors to a website, the number of page views, and the time spent. It helps gauge traffic and popularity trends which is useful for market research. 

There are many companies collating web data as it has become essential. 

It Is Easy To Find Out : How well is a site doing relative to others? Make a point of reference any site to know if it's winning audience and mindshare over its nearest competitors.

Unique Visit - A unique visit will tell you which visits are visiting your site for the first time. 

Page View - This is also called Impression. Once a visitor arrives at your website, they will search around on a few more pages. On average, a visitor will look at about 2.5 pages. Each individual page a visitor views is tracked as a page view.

Hits - As a business owner or a web publisher, hits are of no real value to you. The owner of a website thinks that a hit means a visit but it is very distinct. A Hit actually would refer to the number of files downloaded on your website, and this could include graphics, photos and so forth. An average web page has photos. Each photo in turn is a file and hence a hit.
Furthermore, there are lots of buttons and again each button is a file and termed a hit. On average, each page will include 15 to 18 hits.

Bounce rate : The percentage of visitors who leave immediately after viewing only one page. A high number denotes a lot of people not staying on the page.

The Best And Top 
Digital Marketing And SEO Services In Ghana

FrizeMedia Ghana SEO SEM Digital Marketing Proposal

The Best And Top Digital Marketing And SEO Services In Ghana

Duration or dwell time. Measured as Average Time on Page or Average time on site. Obviously a high bounce rate equates to shorter time on a page or site. The best websites again average about 3 to 5 minutes.

Pages per visit. Pages viewed divided by the number of visits.
Again the best websites manage about 3 to 5 pages per unique visitor. 

Looking For A New Career Field ? Partner With Us

As an "Influencer" I do have a great social strategy in place, which gives me a nice steady flow of Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google + shares. These in turn has a boost on search engine ranking and in turn equates to more traffic and visibility. Plenty of people sharing your content is great but what’s even better is having key market Influencers share your content. As a top key market Influencer and a Growthhacker, I get Social media and SEO to work together in bringing lots of targeted traffic. Not just any old traffic.

From Travel to       Health    Arts    

Business     Italy    Homes    Blogging      Outdoors Activities

Marketing     Home And Family     Finance And Wealth Creation

Personal Development        Branding         Food And Drink

Career Planning    Job Interviews     Leadership      Advertising

Public Relations       Web Design     Law Of Attraction

Small Business Advice   Health and Beauty     Spirituality     Fashion

Entrepreneur     Business Development       Pets     Boating  

Law Of Attraction

Ecommerce   Alpha Males       Social Media Marketing    

We got it all covered.

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But here’s how I really get to take it to the next level. Off-the-page SEO in social is defined by the amount of shares you receive but also by the influence of who retweets or shares your content. Since I do have the best content and the most engaging platform, other Key influencers on social media are more than happy to share my content. This in turn highly increases my reach on those networks but they can also have a very positive effect on off-the-page SEO. Identifying your key influencers and making sure that they share your content is one of the most overlooked SEO techniques in marketing. The businesses that you bring to advertise on our platform reaps the benefits and gets a massive exposure to a targeted audience. This is intelligent inbound marketing.

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How Do I Differentiate Myself From Other Marketers:

  • I deliver content in line with SEO best practice, driving traffic growth in line with your business objectives

  • Write engaging copy to support content

  • Passionate about SEO best practice

  • Build and implement Social media activity that directly benefits SEO campaign activity.

  • Keyword research for clients campaigns

  • Bringing fresh ideas and building on a digital presence and finding new ways to connect with customers.

  • Good copywriting skills

  • Strong marketing background

  • Stronger focus on content and storytelling

  • Maximise natural search visibility in the search engines across multiple target keyword campaigns

  • Develop best-practice standard working procedures and workflows for SEO related activity

  • knowledge of setting link building strategy using various techniques

I am equipped with demonstrable knowledge of setting keyword research and strategy, daily optimization, test plan construction and in depth analysis. Fluent and flexible communicator with strong interpersonal skills - developing key relationships internally and externally. A highly experienced Digital Marketing expert with a passion for innovation. My outstanding leadership skills will be used to drive optimal performance. I constantly look to innovate, experiment and challenge the status quo.

The intelligent uses of Digital Marketing techniques are at the heart of our plans to help you grow your business. I want to improve your business. I want to make you more competitive
It’s a fact: more people find out about your business on Facebook or Twitter than on search engines. Making these sites work maybe tricky for you, but it’s business as usual for us.
Let us improve your visibility and enhance your image. It’s part of our complete Internet Marketing strategy. We’ll be more than your friends --- we’ll be your partners.

Our Engaging Content Helps Amplify Businesses Presence Online: Engaging content and established relationships are just part of the story. It is also significant where the conversations happen. By clearly understanding where conversations are taking place, identifying the tone, sentiment and feel for your brand, we execute our content marketing strategies. Quality optimized content is centered on exceptional storytelling, and this content is at the core of SEO, principal to digital engagement, and the basis to social media distribution. By quality content, I refer to creating relevant content and connected to your company goals and brand, while satisfying your audience’s  needs and interests. Content with the purpose of communicating your message and that is harmonious with your business mission and values. Content must be optimized for search, consumption on blogs and social media, and engagement through social sharing. A well crafted strategy needs to be in place in support of a complete holistic success. 

Optimization Strategy Optimized content marketing strategy is the art of understanding precisely what your prospects and/or customers need to know and then producing optimized content based on those needs, and distributing the content.
Designed for strategic success, we consistently create and publish content that provides value, tells a great story with substance, and truly engages your audience. If your content isn’t compelling, and engaging – people will not pay attention.
In contrast to that, relevant, fresh, engaging, and timely content leads to search visibility, sharing socially, and recognition as a thought leader. At that point people will take the next step toward consideration and purchase.

Social media distribution channels of Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, and others provide greater connectivity and opportunity for engagement than ever before.
We don't just distribute or ram out content, we interact with your audience and create advocacy through engagement. For social media distribution, it is crucial to have a digital strategist working on your behalf and this is what we do best. We know about timing posts, tweets, blogs, and press releases; then align content messaging to the social media distribution channel with an engagement strategy. We leverage content to inform, build trust, and convey your company's reputability.
We write and create optimized content correctly, with the aim of giving your visitors many ideas how to put what you are selling to potentially fresh, exciting, and essential uses.
Optimized content is critical to turn your audience into customers.

Influencer Marketing - Charles Friedo Frize Invites You To Participate In A Partnership And Equally Share In The Ad Revenue

Get Inspired You may perhaps be at a point in your life looking for an alternative to what you have or maybe pondering: I find it difficult to decide whether to go to university.I am stuck in this sales job. I am looking for an amplified exposure for my business to a targeted and engaged audience. I am enjoying my job in marketing but I don't feel valued. I need to find the right job for me. I've tried many things but now its time for change. My finances are in tatters and holding back my decisions. I have a business and marketing degree but not finding the right job. I want to do something I’m good at!' I simply don’t know what to do' I am simply not getting job satisfaction with where I am presently. I am here to say to you not everyone finds their dream job straightaway. But this doesn’t mean it isn’t going to happen. 

Influencer Marketing - Charles Friedo Frize Invites You To Participate In A Partnership And Equally Share The Ad Revenue

What's your dream job? When we talk about a dream job, it could mean a few different things. It could be:

  • doing something you're pretty good at
  •  doing something you're very interested in
  •  achieving an ambition like earning lots of money or traveling
  • Maybe you are not looking for a dream job but to leverage my targeted audience to grow your business
  • Or you may be an investor in other businesses and looking to partner with a fledgling media company with a great online presence to amplify your portfolio.
Influencer Marketing - Dream Job

Perhaps the fantastic career advice you got at school all those years ago is not holding water in this day and age. More people are saying no to the conventional job and breaking out of their humdrum offices to create remarkable lives, on their own terms. This is a remarkable point in history. You can absolutely make a good living at pretty much anything you desire. And the amazing thing is you can do all this right now without quitting your job. If recently you have at least once tried to figure out your dream job, I may be able to offer you a window of opportunity. More people are discovering that life no longer has to be about being trapped in a dead end job. Neither do you have to be performing daily duties called "work" that you absolutely detest. Spiritually, that is not enriching for your soul.

Influrncer Marketing - Discover Your Potential

Success happens after many nights of putting in your shift and making stuff happen. The trick is making the right stuff happen so you can enjoy life. For the majority of us, we abdicate choice over what we do everyday for most of our life in exchange for a pay. This is the compromise that some of us make for being employed. Doing what you love is the starting point to freedom and happiness. But the bills and healthcare and rent and mortgage... all get in the way. Doing what you love is not only, kind of the point of doing this, but it is your route to making it a success.

Influencer Marketing - What Is GrowthHacking

What Is Growth Hacking or a Growth Hacker?

You may have heard me or other people describe themselves as a growthhacker or growthhacking. It might seem or sound like a brand new word for most people but the concept has been utilized by the best marketers and managers for a long time. As we are all inundated with tons of information with regards to marketing, businesses are increasingly finding it very difficult to hold the attention of their customers or audience.
This is regardless of how great that product is. Every business or startup has to deal with the number hurdle that they all face and that is the distribution of information to the relevant audience with regards to their product or services.

Influencer Marketing - GrowthHacking

Nobody likes to be a target of a marketer, particularly the old fashioned way of selling. People will actually pay not to be disrupted. Instead of old style disruptive marketing, a growth hacker uses “pull factor”. For anyone to succeed as a growth hacker, you need to understand and get into the mindset, behaviors and thoughts of the audience and  deliver to the core of what they want. A growth hacker is not a "one trick pony" but is very adept and will leverage across disciplines, extracting insights from behavioral metrics to find the right message.
He or she is someone whose passion and main focus is pushing a metric through use of a testable and scalable method.

Influencer Marketing - Art Of GrowthHacking

The basic idea will usually be a strategy within the parameters of a scalable and repeatable avenue that leads to growth, driven by product and more significantly inspired by data. The world of a growth hacker evolves at the core of data, product, and marketing. Creativity is the essential characteristic required of a growth hacker. A growth hacker always looks beyond traditional marketing channels as they often lead to high cost per acquisition and low life-time value due to high saturation.
A growth hacker with the right growth strategy couple with the right product-market fit will lead to massive scale through viral loops on social media interactions.

Influencer Marketing - GrowthHacking Influencers

What makes me an exceptional growth hacker is creating a bewildering ray of content and having the most engaging platforms anywhere online. Having an engaging platform means people spending more time on your site and finding value that they in turn spend longer time paying attention to you and more importantly sharing your content. Businesses are struggling to reach a targeted audience whatever market they wish to tap into. What I have done and believe no one or any entity has matched, is to perform this task across multiple disciplines.

Influencer Marketing - Never Stop Trying

Since 2009 I have been building my four sites. This site that you are on now is the first one I started and within a month of starting, I began to work on the travel site and again within a month or so started on the relationship site. I chose to build three platforms because of the huge amount of topics that I wished to cover. All three platforms are authority sites. An authority site is a very high quality website that is respected by knowledgeable people in its industry. It is a website that has content on it that is so good and makes the site so useful that people are actually glad they landed on it and want to share it with their friends.   

Authority sites publish trustworthy information and link to other trustworthy places on the web. I built dedicated sites to travel and relationships simply because I believed they needed to have their own standing and being so huge in range, I would do better justice this way. With the travel site, I am writing about every country, the main cities, interesting towns, all islands, UNESCO heritage sites, and quirky destinations. I will also shortly be launching a social media TV and this will compliment all the topics we do cover on all our platforms. I have not even created one percent of what I have in my mind. There is so much more to come.

Influencer Marketing - Integrity

Character Traits We Welcome We welcome individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit who are innovative by character, and constantly working to create new approaches, and honing their Problem-solving skills. Natural drive, coupled with fortitude to get things done, fostering an environment of achievement and helping others achieve their goals. We are bonded by common values, including building a partnership filled with exceptional people and achieving results. To create a feeling of fellowship and of belonging to a community of people with common interests or ideals.

Influencr Marketing - Integrity And Truth

Do you really want to be happy? Everyone says yes, but the gateway to happiness makes some of us frown. The gateway to happiness, is giving to others. We thrive when our teams are made up of people from different backgrounds, cultures, genders, education, training, interests, and skills. We believe you can thrive by joining us, as you consider your career and lifestyle options. We look for passion, dedication and energy commitment to high standards and core values entrepreneurial spirit

Influencer Marketing - Vision

I believe in dynamic synergy that would create a new script for the next generation. One that is more geared to service and contribution, and is less protective, less adversarial, less selfish, one that is more open, more trusting, more giving, and is less defensive, protective, and political. One that is more loving, more caring, and is less possessive and judgmental. There is security that comes when you authentically, creatively and cooperatively interact with other people and really experience these interdependent habits. There is intrinsic security that comes from service, from helping other people in a meaningful way. One important service is our work, where we see ourselves in a helpful and creative mode, really making a difference. There is a need for meaning and purpose in our lives, something that transcends our own lives and taps the best energies within us. Our basic aim should be making contributions, of having meaningful projects that are personally exciting and accessory to and bless the lives of others.

Influencer Marketing - Synergy - Stronger Together

Social media is not a fad. Its here to stay. I believe in radical entrepreneurial spirit that emerges from pulling down walls and barriers. There are reports that show many fathers are missing milestones in their children's lives. Such as first steps, first words and school ceremonies. Two thirds are said to miss parents evening, at least one in the last three years. A fifth had not attended a sports day. One in three had missed most or all of their child's Christmas plays. One in ten admit the only quality time they get to spend with their children is only at weekend. The investment needs to be made now if you are looking to have a meaningful relationship with your kids when they are older. The emotional investment needs to be made now for a great return later. Start that now by joining us and creating the lifestyle that merits your creativity.

Influencer Marketing - Purpose

My mission is to go the extra mile for our customers. To over deliver on our services and products. If we have people offering more of their creativity and potential, it manifests itself in better customer service and better innovation. And the customer in turn stays with you for a long time. The collective goal is to create a dynamic partnership through a sustained focus on people and creating positive working environments.
To be fully engaged in a fashion where we tend to think cooperatively, to promote the welfare and good of other people's success. This can be achieved when we approach a business and engage with them on the subject of helping them amplify or magnify their online presence.

Influencer Marketing - Purpose And Meaning

If they say yes to us, they are therefore putting their trust in us to provide that service. Their business is their livelihood. It is therefore a great responsibility for us to do all we can to provide a great service and thereby helping them maintain their livelihood. And when their business is flourishing, we should be genuinely happy for them and be proud of our effort and part played. Thus a win/win. I do have a strong commitment to leading ethically and extending the opportunity to others to develop themselves. Join us please in this positive synergy, passion and energy. The best aim is to create a win/win shared understanding of the goal upfront. This is what we will aim to accomplish. My aim is to help everyone in the network to earn a good income.

Influencer Marketing - Purpose and Impact

Now it's up to you to take what we have talked about and analyze it and come up with your own understanding of what you want to accomplish that is totally unique to you. I am a full card carrying member in dynamic synergy that would create a new psyche for the next generation. One that is more geared to service and contribution, and is less protective, less adversarial, less selfish, one that is more open, more trusting, more giving, and is less defensive, protective and political. One that is more caring, and is less judgmental and possessive. Your economic security does not lie in your job, it lies in your own power to produce, to think, to learn and to adapt. That's true financial independence. Its not having wealth, its having the power to produce wealth.

Influencer Action - Take Action

Its the place where great ideas emerge from, such as having flexibility, working from home and start-ups. A career can be created from raw passion without formal training or going to college. Your background is not important. What is important is your passion, drive and motivation. I am eternally grateful for what I have created with regards to the amount of people who find my pages everyday and feel compelled to share them. This is just as I imagined it. Very very humbling. Businesses are spending billions trying to find the most sticky websites or platforms to promote their services and products. 

I recently read a report by Forrester research. They interviewed a lot of businesses who advertise on a very popular social media site. The question to the businesses was, are you reaching your targeted audience on that particular platform. The answer was a resounding No. The next question to the businesses was, if you are not reaching your target audience on that platform, why are you still advertising there. Their response was there are a lot of people who congregate on that platform so they feel compelled to advertise there. These businesses obviously are not in the same thought process as myself. I love data. And not only that, the data has got to make sense. These businesses have data which tells them they are not reaching their target audience.

I am assuming they are choosing to ignore that data and hope for the best. I am completely baffled by this behavior. I can only assume it's human emotions at play here compared to business sense. It’s very difficult to change the minds of adults on any issue of significance. The rational approach involves identifying relevant factors and weighing them. In this case research Complementing the collection of data, which is used to test trends or assertions. Whereas reason and research appeal to the cognitive mind, resonance refers to emotions. An opinion or idea resonates when it just "feels right" to a person.
Don't run a business on emotions ignoring hard facts.

This will be detrimental to the business in the long run. And as crazy as it sounds, this is what a lot of business leaders do. If for example you are in the business of selling travel insurance and shown two groups of people. The first group are of 100 people and the data tells us they are in the market to book their vacation and might be looking for insurance cover. The second group are of 2000 people but there is no data available on what they actually want. As a company that provides travel insurance cover, which group will you pick to market your product to? What a lot of businesses are doing is picking the platforms with the big audiences and hoping for the best. That was the way in the 1990's when we didn't know any better.

Influencer Marketing - Work Together

Yes I agree Social media and advertising enable marketers to find out what consumers or customers are interested in and act to reinforce existing buying behavior and to encourage new purchases. How do you aim to reach that basic requirement if you are showcasing your business and services to an audience who are not showing much interest. Nobody goes online to find ads to look at. We go online to find information, services, products and the like. The actual cost to engaging consumers and businesses is forever getting greater. Whilst businesses spend billions trying to find a targeted audience for their products and services, those customers find our pages and not only spend a great amount of time on our pages, they are also sharing them gleefully.

Influencer Marketing - Creative Partnerships

Businesses are looking in the wrong places for their targeted audience. From Travel to Health  to Home Improvement, I have got it covered. Not just any content, arguably the best content anywhere online. One thing for sure, no one sits on any other website and share the pages like my sites. That's a fact. And if your platform is remembered and shared, you are building a relationship. Its not about selling products or yourself, the idea is to build relationships and if you are offering great products, they will definitely sell themselves. That's the truth.

Keith Weed, who is the former Chief Marketing Officer for Unilever, brought up the topic of online media quality at Cannes Lions 2015. The topic was an issue for all marketers and businesses who are exposing their brands to the programmatic world of online. I agree it is a great way of gaining scale, but it also exposes them up to viewability and fraud issues. These are all major topics being discussed everywhere. There is not much awareness or understanding around fraud and viewability. Many marketers and businesses are not  completely aware of what they can do, or indeed, what the industry is doing to address the issues. The IAB indicates, an ad can be deemed viewable if it’s 50% in view for at least one second - but how useful is it if it is engulfed by at least a dozen others? It still amazes me when I see a website crammed with too many ads like it was back 1999. This is an impairment on both the experience of the user and the ability of the ad to stand out. An ad campaign with exceptional viewability can be compromised by unsavoury images, cluttered ad units and inappropriate content. Throw in bot or click fraud (non-human traffic) and it’s clear that  marketers are at times nervous about advertising online.

Influencer Marketing - Discover Your Potential

Discover Your Potential The gateway to happiness, is giving to others. Think about this: "If you want others to be happy, practice compassion. If you want to be happy, practice compassion." - The Dalai Lama. Some of us may feel that, if we give too much, our generosity, will be taken advantage of by others. This is true, and a few very selfish individuals can possibly perceive your good intentions as weakness. However, people who seek to take advantage are in the minority. To quote Gandhi, "We must be the change, we wish to see in the world." Think about it, change has to start somewhere, so why not start with you and me, right now?

Influencer Marketing - Potential And Passion

You can donate anything randomly, without seeking reward, and anonymously, without telling anyone. This is good for you, the universe, and those who receive your acts of kindness.
Every time you give, you will receive – even, if you are not looking for a reward. Try it, and you will see, what some call, “karma,” the law of cause and effect. It works like this: For every action there is a reaction. Let’s make sure the reactions to our actions are good ones. Danny Thomas said, "All of us are born for a reason, but all of us don't discover why.

Influencer Marketing - Be The Best Of You

Success in life has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish for yourself. It's what you do for others." Share everything and you will achieve a legacy of kindness. Share nothing and people will, do their best, to forget you. When my life is over I will only leave memories, in the minds of others, and I want them all to be good ones. So, how much should you give? It can start with, “heart felt”, kind words, a note, a card, or a flower. You will find that your gifts or donations won’t make you poor. As a result of this, you will see most people, naturally, return kindness to you. You should also take the time to be polite to all of the people who perform services for you, every day. Many people do not bother to say hello to the maid, janitor, parking attendant, or service clerk.

Influencer Marketing - Definiteness Of Purpose

Once you do, you may even learn their name, and you would be surprised how many of them will go out of their way to give you good service, just by addressing them by their first name.
If you establish sincerity and trust where ever you go, you will be loved by your fellow man. It is really that simple. As Mohammed said, "A person's true wealth is the good he or she does in the world." And this is a holistic approach that I embrace and integral to my business and my dealings.

Influencer Marketing - Astound Yourself

Why do we all work? If it is for money, then does it mean that those who earn enough to last a life time or those who inherit, should do no work? Try to find out amongst your friends why they work and surely few of them will answer - for money. If someone who has enough money decides not to work, will it make that person happy and contented? We derive satisfaction in life by doing things that we feel are worth while. If we are sure that we have done good work, we feel peace in the heart. It gives us the approval of our ability. Let us find out if we are inspired in and with our work. How do we know if we are inspired in what we do? The first question should be - are we made for that work? 

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Does that work fit our abilities and mental makeup? If yes, the first barrier to inspiration in work is broken. For example a person with weak physique will find the work of a sailor very unsuitable. What about enjoyment? Do you enjoy doing your work? Are you happy at the end of the day or tired and irritated? If you enjoy doing your work, no amount of hard work will tire you out totally. Otherwise your inner frustration of doing something that you don't like doing will tire you out with anger in no time.

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Do you feel that your work makes other lives better? If some how you can begin getting that feeling, your inspiration in work will rise without any other help. Unfortunately, most of the customer interaction are handled by the marketing department now a days and the people who work to make the product, don't come in contact with the users. We all feel very satisfied if we feel that our work has made someone feel better. If the marketing person who makes great sales is thanked by the shareholders of the company for multiplying their investment, he/she will be equally happy. The point is - we feel satisfied and inspired if we give joy to others with our work.

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The last test to find out if you are inspired in your work would be to find out if you show creativity in your work? Those who are inspired show creativity in some area of of their work, because they want to improve the work efficiency. Uninspired souls will only wait for the day to get over while inspired ones always feel good and creative doing their work. If you have found a work that inspires you, you are very lucky, otherwise it is time to find your true vocation and get satisfaction.

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Aim High Too often we become embroiled in competition or our ego screams for attention when really all our spirit wants is for us to unleash our brilliant gifts into the world. Change is difficult for many people. Often times our whole identity is wrapped up in what we've learned as children will work for us when dealing with people, allowing us to survive, thrive and fit in. While some people have had to learn to thrive in the midst of change and learned to be adaptable by being open to new ideas and embracing change, many others have had to fight for survival and every table-scrap that came their way. Behavior is learned and it takes work to unlearn and dismantle these old beliefs. The truth of the matter is that win-win is always possible. 

Influencer Marketing Win Win Strategy

When you are able to see beyond the ego and recognize the abundance that is available, people, minds, and ideas come together and can create amazing changes that improve the current scenarios for many, many people. When you work with people who have this abundant and generous attitude, you are uplifted, the team soars, and amazing energy and creativity is unleashed. This is much harder to do, to sustain, and to elevate within others when you encounter individuals driven by the thought of scarcity and competition. People like Steve Jobs are visionaries that have sought to bring about such shifts in society and in business. One thing I've learned along the way is that it is often better to take the high road. This isn't about judging others as wrong or seeing yourself as better than others.

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This is about recognizing your truth as to how you wish to BE in the world. Don't compromise your integrity. Don't get caught up in the competition. See the vision, see the outcome, feel the purpose and passion you're driven to offer the world, and give it freely. We all die. You can’t take anything from this life with you. So give what you have to offer the world. What is not given is lost forever. If your goal is to truly bring about a positive change and serve others, how it is accomplished becomes less important and seeing it accomplished becomes more important. While it may be a blow to your ego when others criticize your inspiration, or someone takes the credit for something you've introduced, holding fast to the benefits for everyone will often soften the sting.

Dining Out: Is it possible to lose weight when the average dinner out contains over 1,000 calories? 

You do need to pick and choose those places where you'll offer yourself, the key is to evaluate whether it is serving a common good. When you’re getting compensated for your contributions, gratitude would serve your spirit of peace. If you continually feel abused and stomped on, maybe it is time to move on to a more collaborative team, as well as a more receptive and appreciative audience. Knowing that you are accomplishing your purpose and living your passion will be reward. In time, it will be recognized. Imposters will eventually be seen and heart & soul will always outlast the mind & ego. Along the way, through the journey that is your life and career, you will need to hold fast to the true inner qualities and nature of the brilliance that is you.

Don’t allow these negative experiences to become something that undermines your value. You are not the negative experience. Often times, the negativity we experience from others, is more a reflection of them and less about who you are. We all have different lenses, different gifts, different wiring, and different experiences. Difference is not something to be judged, it is a gift of diversity that brings the pieces of the puzzle of life together and creates a society, a solution, a technology, etc., together for the benefit of us all. Don’t doubt yourself when others cannot see the vision you see. Keep true, keep your intentions, and you will attract the right support, the right people, and the right opportunities. Lower the ego and aim high the vision.

Influencer Marketing - Aim High

The proper fruit of knowledge is action. It is true that gaining knowledge can make us feel more capable but knowledge in itself will not produce the results we really desire. One of the biggest myths that is prevalent in the information age is the notion that knowledge is power. Knowledge is not power. It is only potential power. What you do with what you know is where the real power is. We've all heard the saying that "talk is cheap." In fact we've heard it so often it's become a cliché.
Like most cliché's the law of familiarity has set in and keeps us from actually absorbing the true meaning of the phrase. We've grown so tired of hearing it that we don't really listen to it anymore. The fact remains that talk is cheap. It is easy to talk about things and most people do.

Influencer Marketing - Sky High

In fact most people “talk a great game” on a regular basis. The difference in people, however, is not in what they say they will do but in what they actually do. We don't really judge people by what they say but rather by what they do. We judge people by their behavior and by their actions. The reason for this is that deep down inside we all know that words have no real power to create anything in itself. It is only when the words are backed up by action that you have the power to create any real results.
The ironic thing is that although most of us know this we get caught up in accumulating knowledge. We learn something and get really interested in the results we think the information can produce for us. In pursuing the results, we often confuse it with getting more information so we end up gathering and accumulation tons of information and knowledge without producing the result we wanted in the first place.

Influencer Marketing - Sky Is The Limit

Every action is a cause set in motion and for every cause there is an effect and it is the effects or results that we are all really interested in. You don't want to know that you can be wealthy.
You want to experience it by seeing and touching it and the real satisfaction comes from turning your ideas into reality. There is a big difference between knowing what to do and doing what you know. Most people know what to do to be able to make their lives work but knowing just isn't enough – we must act and use what we know. Something intangible happens when you take action on an idea. You set in motion a series of events, events that you don't always know the full consequences of.
Like throwing a stone in a pond, the ripple effect of the water affects the whole pond and moves everything that is in or on the pond.

Influencer Marketing - Rules Of The Game

This illustrates how a single action can have a significant impact even if you aren’t always aware of it. On a more practical and tangible level you start getting feedback from your actions and you learn things that you can only learn as a result of your actions. These are things you simply cannot learn from merely listening to others or reading books. Think of your knowledge and ideas as an elastic band. It has the ability to be stretched, but until and unless you stretch it you are not using it for its real purpose. Information is usually something external. When you learn it you transform it into knowledge and when you act on it, it becomes part of your life. To truly experience anything in life you must take action. Knowing simply isn't enough. We all want to feel and this only comes from engaging "all of you" - by engaging all of your senses to experience the fullness of life in all its abundance.

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It doesn't take many ideas to change something in your life. Neither does it take a complicated idea. It takes ideas that you can use and act upon to give you what you really want. Rarely is it the information or ideas that you really want as it is almost always only the means to an end. What you truly want is results and this will only come from using what you know.
And what you know is I Charles Friedo Frize have built these platforms. And now I extend my hand to you and say join us.

Influencer Marketing - You Are Invited

Don't get caught in the flood of information and knowledge.
Start to focus your mind on action and on applying ideas instead of accumulating them. Slowly feed yourself more information and knowledge, but let your actions be your ultimate guide. After all it is not what you say you will do but what you actually do that will determine the quality of your life and what you achieve or fail to achieve. My aim from the onset was to build what I termed a complete worldwide business solution. And through business, I aim to motivate and inspire people across the globe. From all walks of life. From the small business owner, to the leaders in big business, and the individuals looking to be pointed in the right direction, my intention is to have an impact. A positive impact.

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I have created these amazing platforms. I invite you to join me and take ownership of it. let your creative juices flow and see how you can tap into it, thereby creating a lifestyle that you truly desire. The lifestyle you desire might not have anything to do with tons of money. It might be giving you extra time with your loved ones. It might be giving you more leverage in your business. I don't know what the answer is. It's for you to discover. I am not looking for fame, but if there is one thing for me to be famous for, it would be the guy who created more meaningful partnerships that were truly worthwhile more than anyone else. But to be able to do that, I need to have an audience that would support that objective. I have reached that objective. My audience is close to 10,000 every single day and growing. Four thousand of them are unique visitors.

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I am not talking about social media interactions, I am talking about people coming onto my platforms every single day. Of the close to 10,000 that come onto my sites, almost 4,000 are unique visitors. This is phenomenal. From those aiming to carve out a career for themselves, marketing agencies, small mom and pop businesses, I look forward to welcoming you to create a powerful synergy of a partnership. Regardless of what you are marketing, or how you're marketing it, the goal is to drive awareness, demand, and sales. Unfortunately, many brands often miss opportunities because they simply forget that marketing is the vehicle used for getting customers.
Anything that can be used for driving awareness, creating demand and accomplishing sales is marketing. Our goal is to find a method that works and lead with it.

This might prove to be traditional methods of marketing, but more often it involves thinking out of the box and identifying innovative ideas for capturing a target audience's attention.
This I have achieved with my engaging content. When we talk about Growth marketing, it is not really about redefining the goal of marketing per se, but it certainly is changing the way that marketers go about the task of driving awareness, demand, and sales. To touch on the primary difference between growth marketing and traditional marketing, is that growth marketers do not take the time to strategise a marketing plan. What we do as growth marketers instead is to test and find something that works. That is something that brands of all sizes, startup or not, can leverage for success. In my world it's not business as usual. My aim is to effect a positive change in the world and nothing is going to stop me. The power is in my hand. The power is also in your hands. Use It To Effect Positive Change Through Business. Let's Make a Difference. Partner with me. Charles Friedo Frize

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