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Breast Cancer was once termed to be a dreaded disease. But thank goodness things have changed now. If detected earlier, this could be  treated with no trouble. Removal of your breast during the treatment of breast cancer can be one of the distressing things you would have to go through. It may possibly not be the same case for all patients. With the increasing knowledge about the cures and treatment breast cancer can be treated very easily. 

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Breast cancer occurs when cell in our breasts known as tumor grow out of control causing damage to the nearby tissues and spreads throughout. These tumors which are cancerous are known as malignant tumors and cause lot of damage to your body. As it takes lot of time for a tumor to grow, it may not be easy to detect the tumor during self exam. But these can be detected with mammograms.

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Breast cancers best treatment is simply early detection. Once cancer is detected, it becomes easier for the doctors and yourself to fight it. All women by the age 20 should start doing Breast Self Examination (BSE) ,it is one of the most easiest and earliest ways of detecting cancer. These check ups ought to be done a few days after your periods. You should do this check up at least once a month. A clinical breast exam should be done at least once a year.

Some of the signs to look for, while doing BSE

-A lump found in and around the nipple or underarm
-Change in size or shape
-Nipple discharge or nipple turning inward
-Redness of skin or warmth
-Formation of dimple or change in skin texture

Some of the causes of having breast cancer

Gender: Being a woman is one of the common reasons for suffering from breast cancer. Event though men do suffer from this disease too, just being a woman puts you in a greater of danger. 

Age: As you grow older your chances of having breast cancer increases. 

Family history: If somebody in the family has suffered from breast cancer your chances of having breast cancer increases.

Being overweight or obese: If you are an overweight woman your chances of breast cancer increases after menopause.

Lack of exercise: Being lethargic and lack of any physical activity leads you towards increasing weight and chances of breast cancer

Alcohol: Drinking alcohol becomes very risky as it increases your chances of breast cancer

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Methods to Prevent Breast Cancer

  • -Turn into a vegetarian

  • -Have plenty of organic food and vegetables

  • -Avoid red meat and any processed foods

  • -Avoid alcohol and colas

  • -You can have something sweet by having Stevia, a herb which is a substitute to any other toxic artificial sweetener
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  • -Having whole grains is very good such as Oatmeal, Kamut and Psyllium, which are a good source of fiber and enters directly into your bloodstream

  • -Your diet must include wheat, bran and Cabbage as they are very nutritious food which helps to prevent breast cancer

  • -Garlic, Ginger, carrots, celery, cilantro, parsley and parsnip has some of the highest cancer fighting nutrients. Include them in your daily diet.

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