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Health Illness And Conditions

Diseases: No one likes to talk about diseases, it strikes a cord at the very basic level of humanity and shouts, "something's wrong here". On this page we begin to explore just what diseases are, the major types and the role the internet is playing. The majority of us have known someone at one time or another with a disease, some considered curable and some not. Cancer is considered the most fatal among all diseases. Let's begin with the definition of the word and than explore more about the various types and close off with information about how the internet may actually be helping the situation.

The most familiar communicable disease is the cold that contaminates easily.

Disease defined:
1. A pathological condition of a part, organ, or system of an organism resulting from various causes, such as infection, genetic defect, or environmental stress, and characterized by an identifiable group of signs or symptoms.

2. A condition or tendency, as of society, regarded as abnormal and harmful. There are different types of diseases, some affect the brain, others are heart disease, alzheimers disease, lung disease, kidneys disease, eye disease, skin types like acne and other parts of the body have been known to develop diseases.

Communicable Disease: As the name suggests the germs of a communicable disease easily spreads in any environment. The most familiar communicable disease is the cold that contaminates easily.

Curable Disease: Malaria is a curable disease if diagnosed promptly and adequately treated. In China, an infusion of the qinghao plant has been used for at least the last 2,000 years to relieve malaria symptoms. The bitter bark of the cinchona tree was used in Peru before the fifteenth century for the same purpose. Quinine, the tree's primary active ingredient, was isolated in 1820. For nearly 300 years and until the 1930s, quinine was the only effective agent for the treatment of malaria. But it is now only used for treating severe malaria because of undesirable side effects. Common side effects include stomach cramps, nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting. Less common side effects can be giddiness, ringing in the ears, skin rash, and visual disturbances.

Brain Disease: Excessive consuming of Alcohol and Drugs leads to a brain disease or brain disorder. Scientists have proved that over decade’s drug addiction has been the most contributing factor for brain diseases like alzeimers disease, brain cancer, etc. 

Health Wellbeing Diet Fitness Diseases Nutrition

Health Wellbeing Diet Fitness Diseases Nutrition

Lung Disease: Lung disease is mainly caused by different types of bacterial infections. A large number of people suffer from pulmonary diseases that cause breathing and asthmatic problems. The inhaling of tobacco has been proved in most cases for developing lung diseases.  

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Eye Disease: Eye disorders are found mostly in aged persons. But far sightedness or short sightedness is also found in young children. There are different types of eye infections: cataract, dry eye, conjunctivitis and glaucoma which mostly affect adults.

Germs are responsible for Diseases Germs are microscopic organisms responsible for different diseases. Being so tiny they're known to creep into our body without giving us any notice. Until there is any symptom of disease we can't realize that the germs have invaded our body. The Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi and Protozoa are the four major types of germs. The bacteria can cause a healthy person to become sick and even possibly can kill them. Once the viruses get inside our body, they spread and make us sick. The fungus is a plant like micro organism that is responsible for allergic and skin diseases. The protozoa are similar to bacteria and usually cause intestinal infections.

Information and Treatment of Diseases over the Internet Now a day’s people are using the internet to study information on health, diseases and medical treatments. With the help of the internet and other media the World Health Organization (WHO) can send out immediate warnings about the newly discovered killer diseases which are being spread by deadly viruses. Health officials are urging the governments of different countries around the world to create an alert for new killer diseases and their threats.

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In the conclusion to the topic, it can be said that "Prevention from these deadly diseases is always better than curing them". Probably considered to be the main advantage, what the internet has brought about is the accumulative sharing of disease prevention information across geographical barriers. Scientists can now share their studies and findings with the rest of the world through the internet. This allows people who are researching disease prevention to also look into the medical recommendations and the natural remedies too.

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