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Heart Disease

Symptoms Types And Causes Of Heart Disease

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Reducing Blood Pressure

10 Common Symptoms And Signs Of High Blood Pressure

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in most developed countries around the world, and the number of cases is rising constantly as a result of both modern lifestyles and increased overall longevity. While developing the condition can create a devastating impact on the sufferer's life,modern  medicine has developed several effective treatments for heart disease, ranging from drugs and lifestyle improvements right through to surgery. Obviously, prevention is always better than cure, so before we take a look at a number of the symptoms of cardiac disease, we'll look at some of the ways you can help your body ward off the risks. Adopting a healthy lifestyle can go a long way to minimizing the likelihood of developing cardiac problems.

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Heart Disease And Heart Attack

But there is unfortunately an element of inherited hazard, so even those with exceptional overall health may find that they're genetically programmed towards heart disease in later life. Thankfully, the  greatest influence genetics has on heart disease is that of making us more susceptible to certain  causes, and with well thought-out adjustments of our lifestyles we can greatly improve our prospects of  avoiding it. Two of the most deadly contributors to cardiac problems are smoking and obesity. Both of these can raise  blood pressure to dangerous levels, putting extra strain on the heart.

Smoking causes the build up of  fatty deposits within the arteries, also causing circulation problems. A person being overweight also tends to  mean that a healthy diet is not being followed, and so the body may well be short of essential  minerals and nutriments that the heart needs to keep on functioning healthily. Quitting smoking and other unhealthy practices such as excessive drinking, along with improving diet and taking up exercise to reduce weight can go a long way towards averting problems.
The symptoms of a developing heart problem can be both subtle and dramatic. It is unfortunate that many of the symptoms can also indicate other less dangerous conditions, and so a diagnosis of heart disease is  often made later than it could have been. 

Heart Disease - Tips Guide And Advice - FrizeMedia

If you come across more than one of the symptoms below,then a trip to your doctor is highly advisable.

Breathlessness Breathlessness when engaged in physical activity is normal to some extent for almost everyone. But if  you find you're becoming breathless more and more easily then this is a clear sign that your general fitness levels aren't all they could be, and that your heart may be struggling under the pressure.

Palpitations Palpitations, that is a heavily or unevenly beating heart, can be a sign of anxiety or can come on after extreme exercise, but if neither of these situations apply then heart problems could well be the culprit.

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A Tingling Feeling A tingling feeling in bodily extremities such as fingers, toes or lips is often a sign that your circulation system isn't delivering enough oxygen, again a sign of possible heart problems.
Should your extremities go on to develop a blueish color then this is certainly not a good sign, and medical attention should be sought at once.

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Chest Pains The final and most obvious sign of cardiac problems is a feeling of tightness or pain in the chest, a  condition known as angina.
If you feel chest pain with any regularity, even if not particularly severely, a medical check up is advisable to make sure you catch any problems as early as possible.

Angina can be controlled very well by medication in many cases, and doesn't necessarily have to develop into full-blown heart disease.
To summarise, living a healthier lifestyle while looking out for the symptoms will greatly reduce  the risk of your life being devastated by heart disease.

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What are 4 types of heart diseases?

Arrhythmia. An arrhythmia is a heart rhythm abnormality.

Atherosclerosis. Atherosclerosis is a hardening of the arteries.

Cardiomyopathy. This condition causes the heart’s muscles to harden or grow weak.

Congenital heart defects. Congenital heart defects are heart irregularities that are present at birth.

Coronary artery disease (CAD). CAD is caused by the buildup of plaque in the heart’s arteries. It’s sometimes called ischemic heart disease.

Heart infections. Heart infections may be caused by bacteria, viruses, or parasites. The term cardiovascular disease may be used to refer to heart conditions that specifically affect the blood vessels.

What are the symptoms of heart disease?

Arrhythmias Arrhythmias are abnormal heart rhythms. The symptoms you experience may depend on the type of arrhythmia you have — heartbeats that are too fast or too slow. Symptoms of an arrhythmia include:

  • lightheadedness
  • fluttering heart or racing heartbeat
  • slow pulse
  • fainting spells
  • dizziness
  • chest pain

Atherosclerosis Atherosclerosis reduces blood supply to your extremities. In addition to chest pain and shortness of breath, symptoms of atherosclerosis include:

  • coldness, especially in the limbs
  • numbness, especially in the limbs
  • unusual or unexplained pain
  • weakness in your legs and arms
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Congenital heart defects Congenital heart defects are heart problems that develop when a fetus is growing. Some heart defects are never diagnosed. Others may be found when they cause symptoms, such as:

  • blue-tinged skin
  • swelling of the extremities
  • shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • fatigue and low energy
  • irregular heart rhythm
Health Wellbeing Diet Fitness Diseases Nutrition

Health Wellbeing Diet Fitness Diseases Nutrition

Coronary artery disease (CAD) CAD is plaque buildup in the arteries that move oxygen-rich blood through the heart and lungs. Symptoms of CAD include:

  • chest pain or discomfort
  • a feeling of pressure or squeezing in the chest
  • shortness of breath
  • nausea
  • feelings of indigestion or gas
Dehydration A Common Problem With A Simple Remedy

Dehydration A Common Problem With A Simple Remedy

Cardiomyopathy Cardiomyopathy is a disease that causes the muscles of the heart to grow larger and turn rigid, thick, or weak. Symptoms of this condition include:

  • fatigue
  • bloating
  • swollen legs, especially ankles and feet
  • shortness of breath
  • pounding or rapid pulse
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Heart infections The term heart infection may be used to describe conditions such as endocarditis or myocarditis. Symptoms of a heart infection include:

  • chest pain
  • chest congestion or coughing
  • fever
  • chills
  • skin rash


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