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Web design tips: A great number of the biggest money makers have eye-catching, simple, innovative, and the cleanest websites online! A corporate style website may greatly boost your business! Looking professional online is really important, especially if you want to attract big money to your door. 

There are literally 1000's of people and companies searching every single day for their next big purchase, will your company be the next one they contact? Your website need to be clean, simple, innovative and easy to navigate. No need for big flashing buttons, 20 different text colors, everything packed into one page, banner ads in every corner, etc. You get the picture.

Web Design Tip #1 The point is - keep it clean! I am sure you have visited a website and you left with a headache. This might be the same for your visitors. People notice when they find clean websites, it actually increases your chances of people reading your content more often than not. Appearance is everything online. What your website tells people subconsciously is the message they perceive about your business. 

The more "Mickey mouse" your website looks, the more "Mickey mouse" visitors will think about your business. The internet is very impersonal and in order to increase our business, you need to find ways to subconsciously tell your visitors that you mean business and you're the right choice for their purchase online.

Web Design Tip #2 It takes 2 seconds to look bad online: This whole process happens within seconds of visiting your website. Let's say that 70% of your visitors are 1st time visitors and only 4% ever come back, by simply cleaning up your style, it may in reality increase that 4% return visitors into 10% overnight. It is that simple.

Web Design Tip #3 Redesigning your existing website is very important: Many people who Redesign their existing website once every 3 years end up increasing their business overnight. Those of you who have had the same website for the last 10 years should really consider updating right away. 

Updating your website is like turning over a new leaf and coming up with new and innovative ideas to connect with your visitors. Yahoo.com & Bing(MSN) consistently update their template(s): Yahoo & MSN also understand the significance of "keeping up with the Jones's". Keeping your website fresh and up to date will give your existing visitors another reason to browse through other sections simply because they have a new found interest and curiosity. Please note: Changing everything around every month is not the key, this method may actually confuse your visitors more than increase their curiosity.

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Web Design Tip #4 Humans get bored easily: It is actually really easy to have your visitors lose interest in your company. What would spawn such loss?

  • - Old outdated content
  • - Broken links everywhere
  • - Contact forms that don't work anymore
  • - Website templates from the "70's"
  • - Content that isn't related to their search
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We as humans have a short attention span. If the website we are visiting doesn't pique our interest right away, we hit the back button and we are gone. This is the very reason why BLOGS attract a huge amount of attention online. Not only can you read people's thoughts, but you can read them every day!

Blogs are a great way to connect with new & existing visitors on a daily basis. Don't forget, search engines tend to like updated content as well. Getting back to making more money.The better you look online, the better your checks will be. People want to know that they made the right decision for their family, friends, or business. Going with a company that doesn't feel right may embarrass them and decrease your chances at repeat business. 

People will always recommend a company that they are proud to do business with. It's the same as getting "recognition" for their recommendation. Bottom line is this: Re-think, Re-design, Re-vamp whatever you have to in order to turn over a new leaf for your business. Do this correctly, and you too will increase your business over night!

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