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Traffic Generation

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It is vital to increase website traffic, no matter what your niche market is. Developing your own products, or simply working as an affiliate marketer, the livelihood of any internet business is being able to generate highly targeted traffic to your websites,squeeze pages,and landing pages. Without the increase in website traffic, it will be difficult to build a customer base, generate income, let alone build a brand online. It is pointless to target general traffic. What you really need is relevant targeted traffic, the kind that consists of crowds of hungry buyers who are genuinely interested in your products and services. You may have possibly tried to generate traffic with a number of different strategies online, and perhaps found it all too confusing or time consuming. Paid traffic strategies including press releases will be covered here, but the majority of the techniques featured within this page, will cost you nothing but your time to implement.

Increase Website Traffic - Traffic Generation #FrizeMedia #DigitalMarketing

To kick things off, I'll help you set up a total traffic generation system that you can control and maintain completely on your own. This will help you minimize costs and focus on making money, rather than spending it. Within this traffic tips, we'll cover:

Search Engine Optimization Strategies These are easy, yet significant elements that you must include within your website pages. The purpose is to position yourself within the search engines, and drive in constant organic traffic from within your target audience.

Simple Keyword Research To build the most effective, targeted campaigns, you need to know what keywords are being used by potential prospects so that you can incorporate these keyword phrases into your content and marketing campaigns(ex: article marketing, SEO, etc)

Generating Back Links – Off Site SEO To maximize your exposure,you need to build a solid back link strategy, consisting of high quality, authority back links from relevant websites in your market.

Automated Traffic System To leverage your time, I'll show you exactly how you can set up a rock solid PPC campaign that runs on complete auto pilot! Simply rinse and repeat these strategies for every new advertisement you create.

Article Marketing Quick Start Plan Discover how you can set up a high profit article marketing system that will drive in fresh traffic each day, while at the same time,generating back links to your website and increasing your position within the search engines. These simple strategies are incredibly valuable in helping you create an online presence while establishing you as a brand.

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Simple Keyword Research In order to build the most effective marketing campaigns possible, choosing appropriate keywords is a vital component in being able to penetrate your market, and reach out to your target audience. Having a relevant, optimized keyword swipe file is an important element in nearly every traffic strategy online,from article marketing to effective search engine optimization. By identifying what keywords are being used by your target audience, you can ensure that your content is focused on implementing these keywords and keyword phrases, so that your website appears within search engines or directories whenever a potential prospect enters in similar keywords, searching for information in your niche. There are two types of keyword phrases or terms, known as “head terms” and “tail terms”.

Head keyword terms are shorter keywords and phrases, while tail terms (otherwise called long-tail) are longer keywords consisting of three or more words in length, or that have less competition than directly competitive keyword phrases. For example, “true crime mystery book” would likely be searched fewer times per month than “books”. Head keywords are liable to have a higher search volume but are more competitive, while long-tail keywords have a lower search volume but are often far easier to rank for. The best SEO campaigns will always include both long tail keywords and head (shorter) keywords and phrases. When it comes to conducting keyword research and compiling a listing of possible phrases to use, a large majority of new marketers give up, believing that analyzing and evaluating keywords is simply too difficult or time consuming.

The importance of having a solid keyword swipe file will absolutely impact your ability to generate highly targeted, relevant traffic to your website. It is particularly significant that you learn exactly how to conduct keyword research as well as how to use these keyword lists that you create. If all this sounds scary, rest assured that the process is actually incredibly simple, and better yet, by following this step by step action plan, you will be able to create as many different keyword lists as you need, in a matter of minutes. One thing to keep in mind before we begin to evaluate potential keywords, however, is that there are certain keywords in your market that will be very difficult, if not impossible to rank for.

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Usually these keywords are the primary keyword phrases in your market, such as 'weight loss' or 'golfing'. The reason why it's exceptionally difficult to rank for these keywords is simply due to the mass amount of competition who is also focusing on these keywords, many of which spend a great deal of money every day within pay per click marketplaces, ensuring that their position in the market is maintained. Rather than spending a lot of time trying to rank for overly competitive keyword phrases, it's always best to try alternative phrases, keywords that are still used by the majority of your customer base, but aren't so competitive. These are often referred to as 'long tail keyword phrases', because they consist of multiple words in one sentence, such as ' weight loss system for women', or 'golfing guide for newbies'. 

When it comes to general keywords (otherwise referred to as broad keyword phrases), competition is fierce and as previously mentioned, it would cost you a great deal of time and money to compete for these keywords, however choosing long tail (specific) phrases, you can still reach out to your market and drive in targeted traffic, while minimizing the time and costs involved in circulating your message and maximizing your exposure. So, how can you begin to evaluate potential keywords and determine what is being used by your prospective customer base? It all begins by using free tools and resources found online. You are able to with the free tools instantly evaluate the popularity of a specific keyword phrase based on the number of websites that feature these keywords within their website’s overall content.

FrizeMedia Ghana - SEO SEM 
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FrizeMedia Ghana

SEO SEM Digital Marketing 

We Are Helping 1000 Businesses Amplify Their Online Presence

Evaluating what keyword phrases your competition is focusing on is a great way to determine what keyword phrases are being used by potential visitors,in fact, following this method will save you an incredible amount of time since they’ve already done the work for you! What better way to beat out your competitors in the SERPs than to actually target the exact same keywords?

It is said that you should multiply the numbers it gives you by around 3-10 to get an accurate reflection of the total number of searches on Google, or on all major search engines. The paid version will allow you to get unlimited keywords at a time,but they also have a free version available at Wordtracker that will give you 100 keywords at a time. Here is a quick start action plan to exploring potential keywords quickly and easily:

Visit: Google KeywordTool What you need to do is enter in a keyword phrase that describes your market or product.

Example: If you were selling an ebook on Acne Cures, you could enter in keyword phrases such as “how to cure acne” or “how to treat acne”. The Adwords Google Keyword suggestion tool allows you to enter in a keyword or phrase from a possible niche that you are considering so that you can evaluate existing competition, active keywords based on popularity and overall use. When you enter keywords into the Google Keyword tool, you will be able to generate extended listings that feature various keywords associated to the main keyword that you entered into the search box. The first column provides you with alternative keyword phrases that you could use within your content as well as with search engine optimization or promoting your product within the marketplaces.

The second column indicates the level of competition, and in our example above, nearly all of the featured keyword phrases are being heavily targeted by competitors. The third column indicates the estimated number of searches for each particular keyword, based on monthly volume. Sometimes it takes a bit of time to find a good number of solid keywords that you can use that aren’t so heavily targeted by competitors, but by using Google’s Keyword tool, you will be able to generate hundreds of potential keywords for each niche market you are involved in, and then by dissecting each keyword list, you should be able to compile a reasonable number of keywords to use within your marketing campaigns. Taking a closer look at additional results generated from the Google Adwords Keyword tool on the acne niche reveals a variety of long tail keyword phrases with less competition.

This keyword tool is incredibly helpful in locating keyword phrases that you might have otherwise overlooked or perhaps never even thought of using. Since this tool pulls information stored by Google based on type-in keyword searches from its main search engine, you should always spend some time evaluating potential keywords before creating your content, so that you can focus on developing highly targeted material that implements a number of these keyword phrases. 

Another way to conduct keyword research is by simply evaluating existing competition in your market(who is ranking in top position and for what keywords). You can peak into the source code of competing websites as well as generate a detailed analysis sheet consisting of back links, external traffic sources, on-site keywords and other important data that will help you directly compete with the top ranking sites in your market by using SEO services. The reason you should always conduct your keyword search terms by wrapping your text in quotes is because of relevancy and keyword proximity. Google and other search engines give more weight to sites with an exact phrase quote than when the words aren’t in such close proximity, so by wrapping your text in quotations (example “dog training tips”),only pages that feature your entire keyword phrase will appear within the search results window.

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