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Entrepreneurship: We tend to take our health for granted. When people are in their youth, it’s common for them not to even think about health issues or to neglect proper nutrition, exercise and sleep. As they get older, this neglect may catch up to them, resulting in deteriorating health. Unfortunately by the time your health declines, it is often too late to recover. Poor health will rob you of energy, quality of life, and ultimately your business. As an entrepreneur, you can’t afford to neglect your health. From the start, you should be developing good healthy habits.

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Just as you have developed a solid plan for your business, you need to have an effective plan for your well-being. You need to be proactive with your health. This means taking time away from work to exercise, eat healthy and get enough sleep.
Developing good habits takes time and a conscious effort.

Start by writing down your goals on paper. What fitness level do you want to achieve? How are you going to exercise? What healthy foods are you going to eat?

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What time do you want to get to bed and how long do you want to sleep?  Don’t put too many goals on the sheet of paper, otherwise you’ll get frustrated or discouraged. Next implement your plan. I would choose one goal at a time, like exercise, for example. As a rule of thumb, it takes 21 days to develop a good habit. So, over the next 21 days, make a graduated effort to exercise. Start slow and set realistic goals. For the first few days, consider it a success just to get your gym clothes on. Gradually work up your exercise regimen from there.

Small Business Advice - Setting Up And Growing Your Enterprise

Small Business Advice - Setting Up And Growing Your Enterprise

Don’t get obsessed about personal performance, but focus more on consistency. Have a simple goal for that day and make sure that you have made an effort to achieve that goal. Another factor that can help is accountability. Make sure that you have talked to another person about your goals. Whether that person is a spouse, relative, friend or co-worker, they can be helpful in reminding and encouraging you to continue with your plans for self-improvement.

The investment in your health will pay dividends in the long run. You will enjoy increased physical energy, enhanced mental focus, and more effective handling of stress. Don’t ignore your well-being until it is too late. Be proactive. Take time out to take care of yourself. Health is your most important business asset.

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Successful Entrepreneurs  Studies have shown that successful entrepreneurs possess these characteristics:

1. Self-confidence  This is that magical power of having confidence in oneself and in one's powers and abilities.

2. Achievement Oriented  Results are gained by focused and sustained effort. They concentrate on achieving a specific goal, not just accomplishing a string of unrelated tasks.

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3. Risk Taker  They realize that there is a chance of loss inherent in achieving their goals, yet they have the confidence necessary to take calculated risks to achieve their goals. Entrepreneurs are people who will make decisions, take action, and think that they can control their own destinies. They are often motivated by a spirit of independence which leads them to believe that their success depends on raw effort and hard work, not luck. So which of these three main characteristics is the most important? Believe it or not, it has to be self-confidence. 

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Without self-confidence, nothing else is possible. If you don't believe in your abilities, then the first challenge that arises may knock you off the path to achieving your goals. Here are a few things to keep in mind for maintaining a higher level of self-confidence.

Positive Thinking  Well, it all starts with a positive attitude, doesn't it? Believing that something good will happen is the first step. Negative thinking simply is not allowed.

You must truly believe that there are no circumstances strong enough to deter you from reaching your goals. Remember too, that positive thinking can be contagious. When positive thinking spreads, it can open doors to new ideas, customers, friends, etc.

Persistent Action Now all of the positive thinking and believing in the world is useless if it is not applied towards a goal. You have to take action, no excuses are allowed. This action must also be persistent.

Trying once and then giving up is not going to be enough. Keep at it one step at a time. If you can't get by a certain step, then find a creative way to try again or just go around it. You should be able to look ahead and see yourself where you want to be. Now just maintain a strong belief in yourself and your skills, stick with it, and don't give up. If you can do that, you're already half way there! Good luck in all your endeavors.


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