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Directory Submission

Directory And Article Link Building Strategy

Directory Submission: If you have a website then you are certainly concerned with its rankings in search engines because you want to increase traffic to your website in order to increase revenues. Fortunately, with article submission services and directory submission, you can increase the visibility of your website as well as its ranking in the search engines because you will be gaining one way links and visibility. Consider the following benefits of article submission and directory submission so you too, can enjoy a high ranking from the popular search engines.

Directory Submission - Directory And Article Link Building Strategy #FrizeMedia

Article Submission The benefit from article submission is not as much from the information in the article, but from the links embedded in the article that increase your rankings with the search engine. Search engines work on a variety of levels, one of them including the amount of links on the Internet pointing back to your website. As a result, the more links you have the higher you are ranked.

So, part of your search engine optimization strategy should be to use article submission services. You simply write or buy an article and have links to your site and different pages in your site embedded in the article. Then, the article is submitted to various reputable article directories and spread across the Internet as well.

The more links you have the higher your search rankings and a great way to get a lot of links is to use article submission services. Remember, once your article is submitted with the embedded links to your site, it is more than likely to stay on the Internet forever, thereby affording you a one way permanent links to your site, that will help you in the search engine rankings.

Directory Submission If you are interested in your website truly performing at its utmost in search engine rankings, then you will concern yourself with directory submission. There are thousands of different directories out there, some that apply to your website, and others that do not. By focusing on directory submission in the directories that are related to your site you will certainly increase your rankings. Of course, each directory has categories as well so it does take some research and effort to get your website submitted to all the directories in the right categories that will benefit your site.

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But, once you do have a permanent listing of your website in the directory, that will direct your target audience to your site day in and day out. Remember, however, that just any directory submission is not going to get you the traffic you want. You need to focus on submitting to directories that relate to your website in order to have your website directory submission in the location where your target audience is.

Directory Submission and Article Submission - Permanent Links

When you rely solely on other websites to host your link in order for you to host theirs, you are risking other webmasters to remove your link and with it your Search Engine rankings go down. However, when you use article submission and directory submission in order to build links to your site, and making your website more visible to your target audience, you are in effect receiving permanent links and advertisement for your site. The benefit of this is that with a little effort, you can get your articles submitted and your website listed with the directories, and then just sit back and enjoy the permanent links and higher search engine rankings you receive.

Directory Submission

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