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Business Web Page Design

Web design tips : Designing a business web page is a crucial consideration when you are starting your business. There are many options and styles and it can be confusing. What you need to remember though is, regardless of the style you choose, your business web page design must promote your brand.

Business Web Page Design Essentials To be effective your business web page design does not need to be any more than a simple four-page Web site. Design your business web page as an online brochure. Use very simple, inexpensive shared hosting.

Do not use anything that has to do with Flash or graphics in your business web page design. These things slow down the loading time and they are not picked up by search engines. Make sure you have an email address that matches your company Web site domain. In other words wwwcompanyname.com matches emailaddress@companyname.com.

Branding is the key so all elements of your web page design should match. You must be able to access Web Mail. When considering who will host your business web page design, make sure you can get access to the associated email account via the web. This way you can check your email from any computer just as if you were sitting in your office.

The Bottom Line on Business Page Design Business web page design is an extension of your brand. Do not clutter your web page with unnecessary graphics, fancy videos, Flash or anything else that will slow down the web experience.

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Make sure that all aspects of your business web page design are coordinated including a matching email address that is accessible by Web Mail. Less is more with business web page design - keep it simple and professional.

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