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ad blocking:This phrase usually refers to not displaying specified internet ads.

A publisher has the right to request that his  or her ad network, block certain ad banners,usually because of the content (internet porn as an example) or because of the technology used to view them (such as pop-up ads or ads that contain  Flash or Java). 

Apart from people who install ad blocking software to prevent online porn,there is also a large portion of internet users who really do not want to see any advertising at all.

It is true that ads are becoming more and more irritating,but the truth is,webmasters need to generate income,and they will do everything in their power to get you to see their ads.

This is one of  the main reason people install Ad blocking software.

Ad Blocking gives you the chance to block ads from a specified domain or multiple domains that you wish not to appear on your site.

There are two levels of Ad Blocking:

Domain-Level Blocking:

If you enter,let's say,“” will block ads pointing to the entire domain.

This really is a broad way of ad blocking.For this to take effect,it is crucial for you to enter the domain URL without the “www” domain prefix.

Sub-Domain Level Blocking:

Entering “” will block ads pointing to only the sub-domain.

Ads pointing to  (with the “www” prefix) or a different sub-domain, such as “,” will not be blocked.

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Have your say about what you just read! Leave a comment in the box below.