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Advertising: Online advertising is accomplished through web facilities that render different types of advertising choices to choose from. Now, let’s take a look at them closely:

1. Banner AD

Normally, banner ADs are placed on top of web pages with hyperlinks to the sites that own these advertisements.

Banner Ads generates good marketing effect and they are good for high concentration, branding and product image campaign as well as
online sales promotions.

2. Button AD

Logo ADs show company logo for surfers to click and get connected to that very business that publish the Logo ADs for the expected advertising effect.

3.Contextual AD

This is a pretty simple but hugely effective advertising method.

According to study, surfers focus their attention upon words first and words with solid meanings will be even more attractive to viewers.

Concisely edited phrases will certainly attract enough attention from surfers to their final destination site.

4.Sponsored AD

Advertisers bid for their keywords and place them into sponsored AD that are linked to their websites for optimum advertising effect. 

5.Dynamic Rotation AD

The so-called dynamic rotation AD rotates dynamically that generate different advert after each web page refresh (download).

Rotation may happen in the whole site or in each individual url and can be searched for by related keyword.

6.Hardwired AD

Hardwired AD goes opposite against dynamic rotation AD, that stay in the same place no matter how many times you refresh the web pages. 

7.Pop-up AD

Pop-ups throw out advertising contents right in front of surfers’ eye balls and are quiet annoy-some in many ways.

There are however software that kills pop-ups instantly.

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8.Floating AD

These ADs are quiet eye catching and your sight follows them simultaneously.

They are good for product promotion and active propaganda campaign.  

9. Off-Line AD

These are downloadable advertisement normally in the form of flashes and video clips.

They can give great impressions to viewers. 

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10.Push AD

Website may download updated contents and data to individual computers.

Push AD may go together with electronic newspapers, that carry advertising content for maximum marketing effect.

In general, B2B portal are ready for Banner AD, Button AD, Contextual AD and Sponsored AD, these are 4 most popular advertisements.


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New! Comments

Have your say about what you just read! Leave a comment in the box below.