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Ads That Sell

Advertising: What is the effect of advertising on you?  Well, do not say that it annoys or irritates you. I know that. The same goes for me and the majority of the public. What i would like to know is how you act after reading some advertising piece. For example, sometimes it makes me just rush to the nearest store and buy the advertised item.

Occasionally, the name of the product may linger in my mind for a long time despite my resistance and desire to stop thinking about it. That can start to irritate. There are also cases when on the contrary I cannot remember the name of the advertised product. Weird.

Occasionally I do like advertising, when it conveys something valuable and helpful to me. As you see it has different or even quite opposite effects. Why? It is for the simple reason that the effect of the ad depends on the type of the advertising text. There are four of them.

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  • Persuading texts emphasize the advantages of the product.

  • Urging texts aim at making the customer memorize the name of the product so they repeat it for many times.

  • Informational texts provide us with the information about the product, they are clear and short.

  • Reminding texts are very brief.

Though the four types have their own peculiarities, all of them comprise five essential components: title, subtitle, the main text, caption and comments, and slogan. The title should capture the attention of the audience. It is the pivot of advertising and the most powerful appeal to the potential buyer.

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If the title fails to attract the readers’ attention, they won’t read on your message and won’t become your clients. The subtitle connects the body of the advertising with the headline. It is another opportunity to make the reader buy from you.

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So, do not miss it. As a rule the headlines sound like promises or bargains. In the body you should explain how you are going to fulfill them. Body is the essence of the advertising message.
Emotional words and phrases are especially effective in creating the image of the product.

They appeal to people and convince them to buy. Make explanations to your audience in simple sentences using clear words. There is no necessity to stuff your text with specific terms no one except you knows.

If people do not understand something about your product, they won’t buy it. You should strive at providing more information with fewer words. All the additional information about the sales is presented in the caption.

Comments usually describe some particular feature of the product or dwell on the included pictures, photos. You can find a great variety of sources devoted to successful advertising.
Personally I will always associate good advertising with making people buy without urging: “Buy me”.

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