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 Content Marketing

Strategy And Tips

Content marketing can go by various names such as private media, branded content, customer media and so on, but they are all essentially content marketing.

This is probably one of the best ways to make sure your marketing is being truly effective.

When it comes to marketing your online business, content is a key part of getting your message across.

Content is not just writing articles; but it is blogging, micro-blogging, reports, ebooks, newsletters, and more.

How you create and promote the content will make the difference between whether or not you accomplish your goal, whatever it may be.

Content Marketing - Websites

One definition of content marketing is a technique of making and distributing valuable and relevant content to bring in a much defined target audience with the over all objective being the creation of sales and informing. 

This is a way of reaching out to your customers and potential customers in a way specifically designed to attract them to you and keep them coming back.

Content marketing is all done without overtly trying to sell a product.

It is intended to educate and inform the customers.

With typical marketing, the goal is to make a sale and the product or service is the main point of the approach.

Content marketing is very different from this approach and has proven to be very effective.

The idea around content marketing is to deliver consistent and useful information to the customer.

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We Are Helping 1000 Businesses Amplify Their Presence Online

Content Marketing - Traffic

In return, they will reward the company with their business and, over time, their loyalty to the brand. 

This form of marketing creates a bond between the customer and the company.

This bond is a very hard one to break and results in ongoing business over time and a loyal customer.

Traditional marketing is becoming less and less useful as customers are able to skip commercials or change the channel on the TV.

Ads in papers and billboards are not interactive and provide no real help to the customer.

Pop-ups on the Internet are another way advertisers try to market their products but this can be ineffective as more and more people use their pop-up blocking tools on their browsers to avoid these invasive marketing tactics. 

Content marketing breaks the mold completely and as odd as it may seem, the customer is the one who searches out the information they need.

Content Marketing - Customers

Not only do they remember where they found what they needed, they remember who provided the useful information as well -and this is where the marketing comes in.

Potential customers will buy from a company they trust and feel has the same interests as they do.

This is why providing helpful advice and information is so very important to this marketing strategy.

Most of the time, the people reading information on a web page don’t realize they are being marketed to as they read the content.

Recent studies have shown 70-80% of people who were surveyed, felt more comfortable buying something from a company they trust.

Content marketing builds trust, because the customer begins to look forward to your next content installment and may make decisions based on the information given.

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5 Content Marketing Tips

There are a lot of different ways to get your product, service or website in front of potential customers online.

Marketing with content is one of the most effective ways to do it as discussed.

Here are 5 tips to making your content marketing stand out from the rest and work in your favor.

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1. Varying Media Types - Don’t just rely on one specific style of delivery for your content.

While articles are very useful and the most common form of content marketing, using video, audio and holding teleseminars are all equally appealing options to readers.

Some of these take a little longer to create, but they all have their advantages.

Using multiple forms of content delivery makes it easier to reach a larger audience.

Content Marketing - Social Media

2. Social Networking - Social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Digg are perfect vehicles to create your business networking contacts.

You can link up with people who are interested in your service and even create partnerships with other people to increase your exposure.

3. Referral Programs - Use your clients or customers to help bring in more people through referral programs. 

You can offer a reward for the people they bring in or make it as a contest for whoever brings in the most over a certain period of time. 

4. Affiliate Programs - Set up an affiliate program so you can have other website and blog owners online market your content for you, while also referring people to your products or service.

The ability to earn a commission on any sales they send your way is a must for this type of program.

This costs you nothing unless the affiliate sends you a sale, but drives people who are interested in what you have to offer to your site and increases the chances for a sale. 

Content Marketing - Strategy

5. SEO - Search Engine Optimization is the means to better placement of your website at the top of online search results. 

This is a fantastic way to position your content in those search results directly related to your product.

The more keywords you are linked to, the more likely people will find your content through online searches.

There are free tools available to help you streamline your keyword efficiency.

Using one or all of these marketing techniques, will bring the customers to your website and have them already interested in what you have to offer.

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