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Selling your own home: So….you’d like to sell your house? Great! Everyone’s doing it. 

But this is your first time and you’ll be doing  the sale yourself. 


Of course!

The fact is, it’s only unnerving because you haven’t got a clue about the dynamics of selling a house – your house.

It’s the one asset you have where you’ve plunked down your lifetime savings. 

Now you want it all back!

That equity you were slowly building over these years will come back to you a hundredfold because you’ve thought about it long enough to realize that there is a handsome profit waiting to be made.

Don’t worry! 

This episode in your life doesn’t need to be a drama of horrors. 

And when that check finally lands on your hands and the last box has been shipped out of your house to make way for the new owners, it will be exhilarating – more exhilarating than you’ve ever imagined it to be.

Study these tips. 

Some you already know, no doubt. 

But even with tips, you’d still need professional advice – you managed to eliminate the real estate agent, but you’ll still need your lawyer (or notary) and your accountant.

You need to consult with other professionals as well – like the professional house inspector who can dish out valuable advice about repairs and maintenance.

These tips can help you map out a selling strategy for your house, and when you turn the lock for the last time, you’ll come out of the experience wiser. 

And yes, wealthier, too.

The confidence you gain by getting your feet wet the first time could – who knows? – make you want to do it the second time, and then a third time…and more!

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Before anything else, grab a powerhouse of knowledge.

If you’ve decided to dispense with a real estate agent to avoid paying those ridiculous commissions, then start thinking like one.


Three to six months before your target sale, bone up on home selling strategies. 

If you have friends or colleagues who’ve worked in real estate, talk to them, but don’t tell them you’re thinking of your selling your house so they won’t try to convince you to do otherwise.

Ask them about mistakes they’ve made or mistakes that their relatives and friends have made. Survey the entire landscape. 

Personal experiences are always an excellent source of knowledge and strategies.

Be a listener, and be a GOOD one

Hold casual conversations with at least 3 real estate agents who work in the area where your house is located. 

Be attentive to what they say about location. 

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It’s helpful to know how much your civic address is worth.

While location is the predominant argument in real estate, this rule may not always apply. 

Perhaps location is the least of your potential buyer’s worries. 

Don’t overlook the fact that buyers have typical and unusual reasons for buying a house. 

Many have jumped into the arena of investment property.

While most people buy houses so they can live in it, there are those who like to play the market and want to make a killing. 

Sell your house with an open mind. 

Don’t let the factor of location discourage you, or encourage you too much.

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Selling Your Own Home

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