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Essentials Of Cooking

Matters Involved
In The Right Selection

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Essentials Of Cooking: 


Each one of the phases of cookery has its importance, but if success is to be achieved in this art, careful attention must be given to the selection of what is to be cooked, so as to determine its value and suitability. 

To insure the best selection, therefore, one should decide whether the food material purchased will fit the needs of the people who are to eat it. 

Furthermore, whether the amount of labor involved in the preparation will be too great in proportion to the results obtained; whether the loss in preparation, that is, the proportion of refuse to edible matter, will be sufficient to affect the cost materially.

Ripe Juicy Tomatoes

One also need to ascertain what the approximate loss in cooking will be; whether the food will serve to the best advantage after it is cooked, and finally, whether or not all who are to eat it will like it.

The market price also is a factor that cannot be disregarded, for, as has been explained, it is important to keep within the limits of the amount that may be spent and at the same time provide the right kind of nourishment for each member of the family. 

In order to select food material that will meet the requirements, three important matters must be considered.

First, the substances of which it is composed, its measure of energy-producing material, or what is called its food or fuel value and its digestion and absorption.

Until these are understood, the actual cost of any article of food cannot be properly determined, although its price at all times may be known.

However, before a study of any of these matters is entered into, it is necessary to know just what is meant by food and what food does for the body.

In addition it requires a supply of heat to maintain it at normal temperature and provide it with sufficient energy to do the work required of it. 

The material that will accomplish these important things is food, which may therefore be regarded as anything that, when taken into the body, will build and repair its tissues or will  furnish it with the energy required to do its work.

As is well understood, the body requires material by which it may be built and its tissues repaired when they are torn down by work and exercise.

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