The Making Of Red 

Wine: Among the many types of wine available, red is among the best. 

There are many types of red wine available, although most are made using the same methods.  

This very exhilarating type of wine is made from black grapes, drawing their colour from the skins of the grapes.  

During the beginning stages of making red wine, the grapes that have been picked are put into a crusher.  

Here, the crusher will gently break the skins of the grapes. 

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Pouring A Glass Of Red Wine

Depending on what type of wine is being made and the tannin that’s required, the stalks will either be used or discarded at this point.  

Next, the grapes are put into a fermentation vat with the skins. 

This can be a long process, taking several weeks to complete.  

If a higher temperature is used, more tannin and colour will be extracted from the grapes.

When making soft wines, the whole grapes are fermented using sealed vats.  

The carbon dioxide that becomes trapped in the sealed vats ferment the grapes under pressure, which is normally a quick process, taking only a few days.  

Keep in mind, the colour and tannin content of the wine is based on how long the fermenting process takes.  

If the fermenting process takes a long time, the wine will generally hold more flavour and colour.

The remaining bulk of the grapes will go through a press, being crushed to create a tannic wine. 

Sometimes, this tannic wine is added with a free run wine in order to add a bit more structure to the wine blend.  

Both the press and vat wine are then mixed and transferred to either tanks or barrels for a second fermentation.  

The second fermentation will take the longest, although it brings out the quality and taste from the wine.

All types of fine red wine will spend a minimum of a year in the barrels.  

Some types of red wine will spend a lot more time in the barrels, possibly several years.  

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