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Are You A Chocoholic?

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Answer these questions to help find out. chocoholic (def): a person who has or claims to have an addiction to chocolate.

If you have more than 2 secret stashes of chocolate candy, you might be a chocoholic. (Be honest.)

* If your top 3 favorite candies all have chocolate in them, you might be a chocoholic.

* If you have more than 4 books at home on chocolate, you might be a chocoholic.

* If your favorite dessert is chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and chocolate ice-cream on the side, then you might be a chocoholic.

* If you name chocolate as one of the seven wonders of the world, you might be a chocoholic.

* If you bookmark more than 2 websites on the health benefits of chocolate, then you might be a chocoholic.

* If your favorite movie is Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, you might be a chocoholic.

* If you own more than one chocolate-related T-Shirt, you might be a chocoholic.

(If you actually wear that chocolate T-Shirt in public, just admit it. You are a chocoholic.)

* If you name your first-born child after your favorite chocolate candy - then you are a definite, full fledged chocoholic.

* If you are a chocoholic, then you may want to try one of two possible cures:

CURE #1: Chocolate Overdose

In several cases a chocolate overdose will effectively kill your chocolate bug for a period of time.

At some point, too much chocolate in a given month will cure your addiction - for at least a week.

Your personal chocolate overdose limit will depend on your level of addiction. (There are varieties of chocolates to help you do this in style.)

CURE #2: Chocolate Substitution

Chocolate substitution is another option, if the chocolate overdose doesn't work.

It involves starving your chocolate bug by offering it wholesome candy substitutes.

The concept is that your body will gradually forget its craving for chocolate.

(There are varieties of delicious candies to help you do this in style.)

If one of these cures doesn't work, well, at least you would enjoy the attempt.

By the way, in case someone tries to convince you that chocolate is not good for you,you tell them chocolate is very healthy.

Chocolate is made from a bean - and so, wouldn't that be like eating a vegetable? (Try explaining that to your mom.)

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