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Confident Children

Confidence Workshops For
Shy Low Esteem Primary School Children

My name is Lucy Nathanson and my passion is helping children to realise that:

 They are BRAVER than they believe, STRONGER than they seem and SMARTER than they think.

 Because they are!

I have completed a BSc degree in Applied Psychology and Sociology at the University of Surrey.

Whilst spending a year working for an Educational Psychology service, I had an experience which inspired me to devote my life to raising the confidence and self-esteem of children.

I spent three weeks each in eight different schools, and at one school I noticed a child in reception who had selective mutism.

He hadn't spoken at school for the two years he had been there! He had been assessed by a variety of therapists and psychologists but was still mute...

I spent two hours a day in class with the child for ten days, and here I realised my intuitive talent for helping children

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                      Lucy Nathanson - Founder Confident Children

School workshops

Benefits of increasing the confidence of shy children:



  • children would be able to express their ideas freely and ask for clarification - positive impact on educational attainment.


  • Positive impact on the children’s social skills - ability to foster friendships.


  • Increase in educational standard of the school as a whole - may have knock-on effects in terms of OFSTED reports.

Techniques used in Confident Children workshops:


  • role-plays
  • arts and crafts
  • positive affirmations
  • games
  • stories and so on...


Each activity aiming to have a positive impact on the children’s confidence and self-esteem.

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Is your child shy?

Does your child have selective mutism?

Does your child have social anxiety?

Does you child have difficulty making friends?

Lucy is available for one to one

confidence / self-esteem building should parents request this for their child.

Lucy can attend the child's school/club and, in this very natural environment without the limelight on the child, implement strategies and encourage interaction between the child and their peers.

Lucy has an intuitive ability to foster transformations within children.

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Overseas work

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Lucy is passionate about raising confidence in children all over the world, even starting an overseas project as a student.

Lucy has developed and implemented a project in Uganda. She worked in a Children's home as a teacher in 2010 where she discussed the needs of the children.

She returned in 2011, after fundraising for a year, and delivered 3 pregnant cows to 3 different children's homes, enabling the children to have milk, and thus nutrition within their diet.

                                 Lucy Nathanson In Uganda

There are many benefits of a cow:


  • Having to look after a cow, the children have learnt important agricultural skills which are vital in Uganda.


  • The children's homes' also use the manure from the cow to grow fruit and vegetables.


  • The children are able to have the milk (and thus nutrition) from the cow within their morning porridge (they previously mixed the porridge with water).


  • The children were promised a cow from Lucy and she kept her promise and returned a year later - hopefully this demonstrated to the children that they are special.


  • The cow can act as a physical pet/friend, providing comfort, to the children who are mostly orphans.

Lucy appeared on the News in Uganda as well as in the largest selling newspaper and a variety of other publications, including The Surrey Times in the UK.

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Other Services

When Lucy is not running confidence workshops for children, she is teaching A-level Psychology.

Please get in touch if you require Psychology tuition.

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