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Creative Thinking

 Leadership Skills And Success

#CreativeThinking - #Leadership Skills And Success #FrizeMedia

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Creative Thinking: A vast majority of people believe that the goal of any society is progress, but for most of us it is not easy to get used to something new. It takes more or less time for every person to adapt to new environment, even if it is only using a new tool, cooking a new dish or finding a new bus stop. That is the reason why many people cling to the way things are and it is much easier for them to do habitual things. Any person's every day of life consists of many repeated activities, such as driving car, dressing, eating. People do a good number of these activities automatically, devoid of much thinking. Automatic operations help brains to avoid unnecessary efforts, but many people also use this natural capability of brain in an unsuitable way.

They create "cliché" for many activities in their life, use same expressions, eat same food, and go to the same supermarkets. People live with the same world outlook the whole of their life. It is comprehensible that in most cases laziness makes them live with "cliché" because it is much easier for people to make habitual things, say habitual phrases and do the same job everyday, than straining the brain, creating something new, and making progress in their life. Needless to say, there are still many activities, which demand creativity, ability to orientate us in new, unusual situations.

Life brings us surprises every day, and sometimes it is not viable to be prepared for all circumstances. Economical and political situation of any country in the world transforms every month or year and leads to changes in many life aspects. Today people need to be creative to get ahead, because it is impossible to find favorable work or life conditions, without any changes and unexpected circumstances.

There are not too many people, who think and act creatively.
Most of those people are successful business people, artists or politicians, because they can effectively use the natural capability of brain to think creatively. Creative and imaginative people do not achieve success for themselves only; they also contribute to progress of the society. That is why it is significant to train yourself to be creative and get rid of many "cliché" opinions in your mind.

The fundamental step to think creatively is to comprehend which activities are indeed in need of "cliché" (such every day simple operations as driving car) and which activities demand creativity (such as work, business, education, upbringing of children). Secondly, do your daily activities such as work or family creatively, enrich your knowledge about your business, and find new ways to improve it.

Do not be afraid to give work to your brain, because in daily life most people use only 4-5% of their brain ability to think.
Last, but not least is to be aware that if you are creative and an imaginative person you would not be disarmed by unexpected or unusual life circumstances and changes because you can always find a way to adjust and get ahead in your life.

Creative Thinking

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