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Free Roommate Finder

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Free roommate finder Sharing a Rental with a Roommate

Using a free roommate finder tool is an ideal way to search for a roommate or conversely, to search for an apartment or house to share. Sharing a rental property, whether it is an apartment or a house, can be either a dream come true or a living nightmare. There are many advantages to having a roommate; however, there are also disadvantages.

Free #Roommate Finder - #Flatshare And Roommate Search #FrizeMedia

When these disadvantages are severe they can result in an uncomfortable living atmosphere. There are a couple of ways a renter can guard themselves when sharing their rental property with a roommate. This includes screening the prospective roommate carefully and including the roommate on the rental agreement.

The Advantages and Disadvantages to Having a Roommate

Having a roommate can certainly be advantageous in some circumstances. The main benefit is financial.Renters who opt to have a roommate,in essence cut their rent in half if they opt to have one roommate or in a third if they choose to have two room mates. This is typically ideal for renters who would like to have a bigger apartment but would not be able to afford such an apartment without the help of a roommate.

Another big plus to having a room mate is the opportunity to share household responsibilities with. Obviously this is only an advantage when the roommate is actually  willing to do his or her fair share of the chores on a regular basis. If this happens  not to be  the case,it may well result in a huge disadvantage which will be covered briefly below.

It goes without saying that one of the most significant disadvantages to having a roommate is a lack of privacy. Individuals who live alone do not ever have to agonize about not having time to themselves while they are in their apartment.

However,when a renter has a roommate,there is no guarantee the renter will ever have any time to himself while he is in the apartment. One other disadvantage to having a roommate is the distribution of household responsibilities. Roommates need to  have a chat regarding the household responsibilities such as cleaning the common areas and the likes. When this happens it can create conflict and resentment among the room mates.This conflict can make the living situation quite uncomfortable.

Select a Compatible Roommate When selecting a compatible roommate,the renter ought to  be careful to select a compatible roommate. As already discussed, conflicts can arise when one roommate does not do his or her fair share of the cleaning. However, incompatible cleaning styles are only a minor portion of the compatibility issues roommates may have to deal with. One other  central issue is entertaining.

If a room mate has visitors at the apartment or house often,it can cause problems if the other roommate is not comfortable with this. Even something as simple as sleeping times can cause problems. If one room mate goes to bed early and wakes up at 4:00 am, it can be problematic if the other roommate likes to stay up late and not wake up until 9:00 am. In this instance the roommates may not only start to get on each other’s nerves but they may also in addition  begin to adversely affect the other’s  social life or job.

Include the Roommate on the Rental Agreement As a final point, renters must  make sure to include their roommate or roommates on the rental agreement. This is very valuable because it aids to protect all of the roommates. Inclusion of all  the roommates prevents one roommate from being able to ask another unfairly to vacate the house or apartment.

This may possibly occur when conflicts arise, but inclusion on the rental agreement ensures each of the roommates has a right to live in the property. Having each of the roommates’ names on the rental agreement also prevents one roommate from not making their rent payments in a timely manner. This will also help to prevent one roommate from being held lawfully responsible for not paying the rent on time by the leasing agent or landlord.

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Free Roommate Finder - Flatshare And Free Roommate Search #FrizeMedia

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