We invite you to experience the distinctive style of Alisa Hotels Accra conference rooms and facilities designed to accommodate small to large events with a state of the art array of technology and catering services to make your event a total success.

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H2O Power Washing

Industrial High Pressure Washer

H2O Power Washing specializes in cleaning Oil,  Dirt, Soot, Oxidation, Mildew, Mold, Algae, Epoxy,  Gum and Graffiti stains from Commercial and Residential surfaces such as:

Car Parks and Lots 

Fleet vehicles

Fire restoration 

Heavy Equipment and Machines

Fence restoration 

Duct and ventilation systems  

Oil Rig 

Drive ways, drive thrus

Dumpster areas

Boats, Campers, 

Decorative Concrete

Deck Restoration  

Garage Floors 

Gutter Cleaning 

Heavy Equipment 

Cleaning Outdoor Kitchen and Seating Areas

Oxidation Removal 

Paint Preparation 

Parking Lots and Parking Structures 

Patios, Pergolas & Sidewalks 

Playground Equipment and floor Cleaning & Sterilization

Tennis courts, basket ball court cleaning 

Swimming Pool Area 

Roof Stain Removal 

Store Front Cleaning  

Fuel pump stations


New buildings

Monuments restoration

H2O Power Washing is:

Bonded (if required)

Insured Limited Liability Corporation

High Pressure Cleaners use water at very high pressure for washing a variety of  machinery and for cleaning any type of washable surface or floor. They can be used in a wide and varying number of sectors e.g. Agriculture, industrial, marine and shipping, car washing, transport industry – to name a few.

For a free quote, call Dela Maxi Gadegbeku Accra, Ghana on 050.405.2510 and have your power washing needs met today!

Mega hair growth formula   Specially formulated to stimulate hair growth and revitalize damaged hair, also to moisturize your scalp with our specially put together herbal oil blend extract, which gives your hair and scalp a boost for rapid growth.  Ingredients  Coconut oil, Shea butter, castor oil , 3 herbs extract, peppermint oil, fragrance   For all hair types   Directions  Apply a generous amount to scalp and hair,focusing on the dry areas.use daily for a better hair growth. Click to see more

FrizeMedia Ghana

SEO SEM Digital Marketing 

We Are Helping 1000 Businesses Amplify Their Online Presence

FrizeMedia builds very high targeted audience, awareness and generate leads through informative and engaging content

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