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What People Think about Halloween

Halloween: It is the time of the year when scary movies and freaky stories come around.

Halloween is among the most celebrated occasions worldwide. When October reaches its end, Halloween costumes and decors start to emerge.

This has become a global tradition.

It seems that the planet is becoming one in observance of the day.

The event identifies no religion and race.

There are Halloween celebrations and observations in America, Asia, Europe, Australia, and even Africa.

Needless to say, people have different perceptions and opinions about Halloween celebrations.

For children, Halloween means fun.

It is a time when they could go out in their spookiest costumes.

They could gather together with other kids and roam the neighborhood, still in costumes, to go trick or treating.

This way, they not only have fun wearing costumes.

They even get to collect and gather candies, goods, and even coins from homeowners.

Households love the idea of having to deal with fun children who are threatening to do a mischief if not given treats.

This tradition has become customary. And so logically, for most children, Halloween is fun.

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For teenagers, Halloween is an opportunity to socialize with their peers.

They could gather to help adults and their parents organize and run up a timely Halloween party.

They could enjoy the party with their crushes.

It may be a fun time to get along with cliques.

They could dance the night away and enjoy sumptuous foods. To teens, Halloween could be spectacular.

For adults, Halloween could be tiring.

Imagine how tedious it might be to plan and implement party ideas for the occasion.

They even incur costs for doing so.

They spend endless hours attending meetings with other parents and adults on how to make this coming Halloween party event different from the past ones.

To these people, Halloween could be meticulous and draining, but it surely is worth everything.

Thus, they keep on doing the same routine over and over again every year.

Kids and teens make sure they would continue enjoying fun Halloween parties.

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For religious people, Halloween could be no more than just a pagan activity.

The catholic religion in particular could regard usual Halloween traditions as superficial.

Instead of praying and remembering deceased relatives and family members, people get busy wearing spooky costumes and decorating houses to scare.

There are other beliefs in Halloween that most religions do not agree with.

To them, Halloween could just be another fun activity highjacked by people who are not after spiritual and deeper meanings.

To bystanders, Halloween is a time to observe.

It could be fun watching those kids roam around the neighborhood in costumes.

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It would be chuckling to hear stories of homeowners who have been victimized by mischief and pranks just because they did not give treats.

It would be entertaining to get to visit homes that are uniquely and creatively decorated with all those spooky items.

To them, Halloween is no more than fun and interesting. It could be just enough to make people loom for the coming Halloweens.

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