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General Information And Verses

Headstones are an important part of any family's grieving process and serves to help families cope with their losses. Headstones are inscribed with dates leading as far back as the 1700s, and mark the graves of several generations. There are Revolutionary War as well as Civil War veterans' graves, and several cemeteries are regularly visited by family and friends. Headstones are attractive grave markers that can be positioned on the grave of a loved one. It does not need to be purchased instantly. If repairs are not undertaken then the right to erect and maintain a memorial will be terminated and the memorial may be removed. During safety inspections, required by law, any cosmetic cement joints may break; this will not leave the headstone unsafe.

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The local Council has a legal responsibility to approve all inscriptions to ensure standards of decency are maintained. The methods of dealing with unstable headstones has been revised and a metal stabilizer is now being used to avoid the stone being laid flat. This will allow owners to make the necessary repairs within a 4 month period. Certain varieties of stone may be more appropriate in some places than in others, not only for their appearance but also because of the effect of weather or local conditions. A reputable memorial mason will advise you on all this.

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Headstones verses

Finding a suitable verse to use on a headstone of a loved one can be a difficult process. Below is a list of popular verses.

Here are a list of verses for headstones.

Resting In The Arms Of Christ

Forever Missed, Forever Loved

Flying With The Angels

Your Memory Will Never Die

God's Precious Child

God Needed Another Angel

Sleep Well My Little Angel

Good Night Sweet Prince/Princess

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Loving You Was Easy

Father, Into Thy Hands I Commend My Spirit

Death Is Nothing At All

Walking Hand In Hand With Our Lord

Precious Memories, How They Linger

Her Children Arise Up And Call Her Blessed

And Jesus Said 'Come And Follow Me'

I Have Fought A Good Fight, I Have Finished My Course, I Have Kept The Faith

Come Unto Me, All Ye That Labour And Are Heavy Laden And I Will Give You Rest

Our Angel On Earth Has Gone Home

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Our Beloved Father, We Will Never Forget You

Ours For Just A Moment, But Heaven Is Forever

A Brief Time On This Earth, Now With Our Lord For Eternity

Swept Away By Angels On A Heavenly Flight

Our Precious Child, You Are Loved, You Are Missed

Memories Carry Us Through, As The Angels Have Carried You

Loving Wife, Loving Mother, Your Reward Is At Hand

Caring Husband, Caring Father, Your Reward Is At Hand

We Would Miss You More, Did We Not Know That We Would See You Soon



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