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Water Garden Tips

Landscaping: There are a lot of new trends surfacing in gardening, and water gardening is one of the new interests.  Water gardening can  include waterfalls, ponds, streams and fountains, all of which can be combined with lighting, plants, and fish. Water  gardening need not have a pond or natural water source moreover, it could be a plastic tub, plastic lined shallow in the  back yard or, almost anything that will hold water. An important consideration in planning a water garden is the choosing a  location. Plants and fish both need plenty of sunlight, places in direct light away from trees and bushes are the top spots. This will also help prevent leaves and debris from collecting in the water.

Landscaping - Water Garden

Landscaping - Water garden Tips

When planning for a water garden the  next step is to choose the size you want. This depends of course on the resources you want to dedicate to it, how much  money and time you are willing to spend. A water garden can be expensive if you go for a big garden filled with plants,  rocks, fish, and lights. Also think about your property’s size, which will also affect amount of time you’ll spend  maintaining your water garden. Aquatic pond plants can be free floating, submerged, or marginal. What type you select is a  matter of aesthetics and preference.

Some plants are known for their scents, some for supplying oxygen and keep the pool  healthy, and some are just picturesque. Remember that the plants should only cover about half of the water, especially if you have fish. Fish are not only nice to look at but are also beneficial in that they help keep debris at a minimum and help in controlling larva and other insects. One of the big challenges in water gardening is maintaining water free of algae. Algae problems are usually the result of nutrients in the water from feeding fish too often or over fertilizing plants. 

By reducing on feeding and fertilizing, adding more plants, putting in a pond filtering system, or replacing the water with fresh water, algae is easily controlled. If a pond is constructed correctly and maintained properly, algae problems can be kept at a minimum. All garden pools, no matter the size, require some maintenance during the year. With proper planning you can create a healthy equilibrium between living and decorative features of a water garden that can almost care for  itself with simple maintenance inputs from you.


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