Law Of Attraction

Some Assembly Required

Is the Law Of Attraction not working for you? There has been a lot of information put out about the Law Of Attraction recently. I firmly believe in the Law Of Attraction. The proof of it has shown up in my life too often for me to NOT believe in it. However, there is one thing that is not mentioned in most of the material out there. There is always some assembly required. The basic law of attraction states that whatever I focus on will show up in my life in one form or another. It just might not show up in the form that I was expecting.

Law Of Attraction - Some Assembly Required #FrizeMedia

The MEANS for getting whatever I want in life will always show up for me. It will be up to me to recognize those means as they show up for me. From there, it will be up to me to use those means in order to get what I want in life. If I want a loaf of bread, it WILL show up for me. I just might not recognize it. I can not expect it so just show up in a puff of smoke. The means to have a loaf of bread WILL show up for me. What WILL show up for me will be some flour, some yeast, some water and whatever else it takes to make that loaf of bread.

From there it is up to me to combine all of the ingredients and bake them for a while. The loaf of bread was just sitting there waiting for me. I just needed to recognize it and put it together. Some assembly required. What if I want a new car? I can't just expect someone to come up and give me a new car. The MEANS for getting a new car will show up for me I might get offered a side job where I can make enough money to get that new car. I might get offered a job that comes with a company car. I need to be open to whatever means show up for me and then make use of those means as they show up.

I need to do MY part. Some assembly required. What do you want to show up in your life? Do you want more money? Do you want to travel? Do you want a new house? Whatever you want, the means to get it WILL show up for you if you focus on it. Are you open to whatever form the means show up as? It might come in a form that you don't expect. From there, are you willing to take the steps needed in order to have whatever you want in life? It WILL show up for you. The Law Of Attraction NEVER fails. But, you've got to remember. Some assembly required.

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