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Below Is The List Of The 10 Best Performing Companies In Ghana 

Newmont Golden Ridge Limited      

(Scancom Limited) MTN Ghana       

Ghana Oil Company                          

Gold Fields Ghana Limited                

Vivo Energy Ghana Limited              

Unibank Ghana Limited                     

Multipro Private Limited                              No Website Found

Nordea capital Limited                          

Justmoh Construction Limited            

Total Petroleum Ghana Limited          

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FrizeMedia Ghana

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We Are Helping 1000 Businesses Amplify Their Online Presence

FrizeMedia Ghana
SEO SEM Digital Marketing
We Are Helping 1000 Businesses Amplify Their Presence Online

Web analytics is a phrase which gives an importance to the study of the influence of a website on its users. This is especially of great value to Ecommerce businesses and other online publishers. Analytics software is often used to gauge distinct details such as the number of people who visited a site. How many of those visitors were unique visitors, and how they came to the site. This could be determined if users followed a link to get to the site or came there directly.

Web Analytics - Content

The keywords that visitors or users searched with on the site's search engine, the length of time they stayed on a specific page, or on the entire site, and what links they clicked on and when they left the site. Web analytic software can also be used to examine whether a site's pages are functioning correctly. Armed with this data, the web site administrators can ascertain which areas of the site are popular and which areas do not get traffic. This information in turn helps the publishers to create a better user experience and and for visitors to stay longer on the website.

#Web #Analytics - #SocialmediaMarketing #Content #DigitalMarketing #FrizeMedia
Web Analytics Definitions

There are many programs at hand that allows anyone to track visitors on their site. The statistics can be at times bewildering. Some explanation is given here on what you need to know and what each term or phrase really means. This information is also valuable to businesses who are at a loss in finding the most engaging website to advertise or promote their business.

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A. Visit - This is the one piece of data that is crucial. A visit is one individual visitor who arrives at your website and proceeds to browse. A visit counts all visitors, no matter how many times the same visitor may have been to your site.

B. Unique Visit - A unique visit will tell you which visits are visiting your site for the first time. Its great to have returning visitors to your site. But your true worth in salt is measured by unique visitors. And more importantly, retaining them. The website can track this as unique by the IP address of the computer.

C. Page View - This is also called Impression. Once a visitor arrives at your website, they will search around on a few more pages. On average, a visitor will look at about 2.5 pages. Each individual page a visitor views is tracked as a page view.

D. Hits - As a business owner or a web publisher, hits are of no real value to you. The owner of a website thinks that a hit means a visit but it is very distinct. A Hit actually would refer to the number of files downloaded on your website, and this could include graphics, photos and so forth. An average web page has photos. Each photo in turn is a file and hence a hit.
Furthermore, there are lots of buttons and again each button is a file and termed a hit. On average, each page will include 15 to 18 hits.

In analytics tools, the main measures for initial engagement with a site are:

1. Bounce rate. The percentage of visitors who leave immediately after viewing only one page. A high number denotes a lot of people not staying on the page. It means people get on the page, take a quick look and then leave. It also means whatever they are looking for, that page is not delivering it. The best websites have bounce rate of about 42% to 67%
This means that percentage of visitors leave as soon as they arrive. What Are The Metrics For Evaluating Initial Engagement online

Visitor Loyalty: direct or bookmarked site visits (as opposed to visits from search engines or ads)

Content Shares: pages, stories, videos shared to social networks or emails. Our pages are shared and bookmarked more than any site.

2. Duration or dwell time. Measured as Average Time on Page or Average time on site. Obviously a high bounce rate equates to shorter time on a page or site. The best websites again average about 3 to 5 minutes.

3. Pages per visit. Pages viewed divided by the number of visits.
Again the best websites manage about 3 to 5 pages per unique visitor.

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