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What Is Ecommerce

A Guide To Receiving Online Payments

What is ecommerce: The internet has grown to become an integral part of our everyday  lives. It has penetrated so deeply into our daily living that people now turn towards the World Wide Web for buying clothes, books, electronic equipment, food etc. For an online retailer, it becomes imperative to find ways and means to make an online transaction as easy and painless as possible.

Since most people prefer to use their credit cards while shopping, webmasters need to integrate this service into their online shopping sites. An answer to your online payment needs can be a payment processing company. The majority of online shopping sites enter into a business alliance with payment processing companies. However, you should diligently comb the market for the best deal before you sign up with a service.

Make sure that they are not overcharging you. Also, check out their reputation in the market – are they known for their fair minded financial and business transactions? This kind of a company operates through two types of services – one id intended for companies with merchant accounts with their banks and the other for companies who do not possess this kind of a bank account.The first kind of service is generally used by fairly large financial  institutions and organizations dealing in independent sales. The advantage of having a merchant account is that you can receive payments within a few days of the transaction.

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However, if you do not have a merchant bank account, the payment processing company receives the payment on your behalf initially. The mode of operation is that the buyer will fulfill the transaction not on the seller’s website, but on the site of the payment processing company. (If you choose the former service, the processing company will help you enable your website to receive payments from the buyer directly.)

Also, it is only a few times in a month that the processing company will forward you the payments. This kind of service transfers the customer’s payment and credit card information to the payment processing company. You would then need to establish the facility of a shopping cart on your website. If your site already hosts this function, the payment processing company will surely be able to integrate its services with it.

What Is Ecommerce?

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