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Alexa ranking

What It Is And Why You Should Care

Alexa Ranking Alexa is an Amazon owned company that is famous for its public traffic ranking service via its alexa.com website. Website promotion guides often make a big deal about how to improve your Alexa ranking because a top position is often associated with high profits. As a new webmaster, you must understand a few very important points about Alexa’s service. This article will explain what the data collected by Alexa mean and then describe why you should care or not.

Alexa Ranking - What It Is And Why You Should Care #FrizeMedia

There are three numbers that Alexa reports, reach, page views and overall rank. Reach refers to the percentage of all web users that visited your site. Alexa reports this number as “reach per million users.” For example if Alexa reports a reach of one, it means that on average out of one million web surfers one visits your site. Page views simply measures the average number of pages a surfer examines when on your website.

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Those sites with a lot of content and targeted visitors tend to generate a larger number of page views. The overall Alexa rank is a combination of the reach and page views numbers such that the larger both of them are the lower the site’s rank will be; for Alexa, a smaller rank indicates a more important website. Alexa reports these numbers for each day, one week and three month averages and the overall change over a three month period. So, how does Alexa gather these data? On a daily basis, Alexa collects statistics about the number of visitors and page views for every website on the Internet.

Data collection happens via web surfers that have downloaded and installed the Alexa toolbar. When one of these users visits and explores a site, the toolbar sends this information to Alexa’s servers. What this means for webmasters is that only those sites visited by users that have decided to install the toolbar will actually have data collected for them.

As in rankings for music (Billboards, itunes), ivy league schools, movies or anything for that matter which is part of a ranking system, Alexa is the authority when it comes to the ranking of websites. If you are a webmaster or you have a website, the Alexa ranking is important. Many advertisers use Alexa’s ranking as a neutral third party estimate of a site’s popularity; they consult Alexa in order to determine how much advertising space is worth on your site.

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This is the reason why many webmasters display their Alexa rank on the front page. If you happen to be on the upper end of Alexa’s ranking then you should be able to benefit from it; if you are not then you probably shouldn’t lose too much sleep over it. Focus on adding fresh content to your site; this way you will be able to drive more traffic to your site via the major search engines and also keep your visitors coming back.

I have included a link below to the page on which Alexa ranks this website and you can check us out. Check out our page views per unique user. These are the people who found this website for the first time. Our numbers are always going up and so is our ranking. If you come back in a few days or so, you will find our numbers will be up again.

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