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Important Health Facts

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Honey is a substance that bees produce through a complicated process. It contains most of the essential mineral elements that our system needs. There are more than 180 different nutritional substances found in honey. Beekeeping is a very old activity. Evidences from Egypt, Mesopotamia and Greece describe ancient beekeeping and the honey is also mentioned in the Bible. It was considered sacred, and was also used to pay taxes and debts. Besides all this, it was used to draw and paint as well. Honey contains proteins, essential minerals and vitamins.

It is a food of elevated energy and is also known for its medicinal and therapeutic assets. Honey is a food that is easy in digestion, constituting a healthy source of energy. Honey consumed as food is important for the balance of the biological process of the organism. It contains glucose and fructose, which goes directly into the blood, becoming an energetic product. Honey can be used as food, as a natural sweetener and as medicine. If taken for some time, it assists in the control of rheumatism and arthritis, and prevents all types of respiratory illnesses and aids in digestion. Honey is also used on the skin and is an ingredient for some shampoos.


It is used extensively in the cosmetic industry as well (creams, cleansing facemasks, tonics, etc.) because of its softening qualities. Eating honey will improve your quality of life. It is slightly sedative, discouraging insomnias; it is anti-septic, digestive and laxative, helping in the treatment of gastritis; it is an expectorant fighting the common cough. Used externally, it speeds up the healing of wounds and minor burns, besides hydrating the skin. It has been indicated to prevent, control or cure the following illnesses:

• Respiratory diseases

• Cramps

• Intestinal disturbances

• Digestive disturbances

• Throat irritation

• Urinary irritation

• Irritation of the eyes

• Dental cares

• Illnesses of the liver

• Rheumatic pains

• Physical fatigue

• Insomnia

• Skin burn

• Stomach ulcer, etc.

The flavor, aroma and color of the honey differ according to its botanical origin, in accordance with the flowers from where the bee removed the nectar. The climate, humidity and even the altitude will interfere in these characteristics of the honey. Usually, the clear honey presents weak flavor and aroma. The honey of darker coloration is richer in proteins and minerals. Honey fattens less than sugar. 1 tea-spoon or 5g of honey = 16,4kcal. It is also the best option for athletes. Biologists concluded that honey is the best source of carbohydrates and energy for athletes and mature people.

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