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Thought Leadership

Motivate Inspire Influence By Your Actions 

Thought leadership: All of us respond to good leadership! Period! It is innate in all aspects of our lives, and not just in a business environment. A mother is a leader in her home; a son may be leader of a team sport or a daughter the leader of the debate team. A group relies on the person in charge to actually lead them to success. 

A true leader is highly ethical, honest and respected. In our society we have leaders and followers. Are we born to one or the other? No! Can you hone your leadership skills? Absolutely!

#ThoughtLeadership - Motivate Inspire #Influence By Your Actions

Thought Leadership - Knowledge

The leaders that I admire seem to have all of these in place:

a) They think BIG! They don’t put a ceiling in place. Instead, no limit is set as to how big or how much better something can be.

b) The goals are firmly set in place and the eye does not come off of it.

c) They make known to all involved the final product that they are all going for, example, if you sell widgets, it takes x number of widgets to be affluent, or you want to win that football game and ultimately the title. Know what you’re going for.

d) They can get compliance to orders.

Thought Leadership - Purpose

e) When goals are met they set new goals or raise the bar.
People will follow your lead willingly if you are honest, ethical, if you are consistent and treat them with respect. Rewarding someone when a job is well done is always appreciated. A good leader will also off load someone who consistently hinders the group who is just not a team player. You can improve your own self- respect and become an inspiration to others. How great is that!

Be a Storyteller, Not Just a Speaker Stories develop themes. The themes chosen to illustrate the possibility of stories are:




Making a Difference


Leaders are ordinarily people, from teachers to grandparents, from mountain climbers to cancer survivors. The platform they occupy provides them with a privilege and awesome responsibility to share their stories in a way that helps the audience to “wake up.” Good stories make people say, “Wait a minute. I can think or act differently about everything than I did before.” Stories are everywhere.

Thought Leadership - Dreamers And Believers Resist The Status Quo Good leaders learn to retrieve them and retell them to audiences as a way to show their humanness to show they care. This in turn open people to possibility thinking and how making mistakes will lead to the courage to finally help them succeed. 

On the whole, most of us delineate our thoughts visually, great stories help to enhance and even transform our lives. Be unique. Think funny thoughts. Live and re-live your story when you are telling a story. Words are critical so be sure to pause when necessary and BE IN THE NOW.

Your words need to create an image in the audience’s mind so that they can remember your story. They may be a step away from their own story. This will strengthen the connection between you and them. It’s a good idea to use props to enhance your humor. Remember most people have an attention span of six to eight minutes. Engage your audience and empower them.

Thought Leadership



Are You A Boss Or A Leader

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