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Flax Seed

Packed With Essential Amino Acids

Flax seed contain many ingredients that are good for our bodies including omega fatty acids, lignan, mucilage, and many different amino acids that make it a great nutritional item. It's scientific name is  Linum usitatissimum and it is also known as linseed. The fruit is a round, dry capsule 5–9 mm diameter, containing several glossy brown seeds shaped like an apple pip, 4–7 mm long.

Flax Seed - Packed With Essential #AminoAcids #FrizeMedia

Flax Flowers

Flax Seeds Flax seeds come in two main varieties  brown and yellow or golden. A good number have comparable nutritional characteristics and equal numbers of short-chain omega-3 fatty acids. The exception is a type of yellow flax called solin (trade name Linola), which has an all together different oil profile and is very low in omega-3 FAs. 

Despite the fact brown flax can be consumed as readily as yellow, and has been for centuries, it is better known as an ingredient in paints, fiber and cattle feed. Flax seeds harvest a vegetable oil known as flax seed or linseed oil, which is one of the oldest industrial oils, and solvent-processed flax seed oil has been used for centuries as a drying oil in painting and varnishing. 

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Amino Acids The amino acids found in Flax Seed are Tryptophan, Threonine, Isoleucine, Leucine, and Lysine. Each one of these amino acids offers different benefits. Tryptophan helps to create Serotonin, a vital ingredient to help you function mentally. A lack of Serotonin can result in various disorders including depression and mood related disorders. Tryptophan is given as a tranquilizer for those who suffer from insomnia. Threonine is commonly referred to as Tryptophan but they are two separate amino acids. This one helps the body to balance the proteins and distribute them to the cardiovascular system, liver, central nervous system, and the immune system. Isoleucine isn’t a well known amino acid but is essential. This helps hemoglobin to be made so the body is able to control blood sugar levels. 

Flax Fruit Capsules

If you don’t get enough Isoleucine, it can result in headaches, dizziness, fatigue, depression, confusion and irritability. Another amino acid that aids with controlling blood sugar levels is Leucine. It also helps the body to grow and repair muscle tissues including bones and skin, the making of growth hormones, to help wounds heal, and to boost energy levels. Leucine prevents the muscle proteins from breaking down while you experience trauma or stress. This amino acid can help those who suffer from Phenylketonuria, a condition where the body isn’t able to metabolize another amino acid called Phenylalanine. 

Lysine allows the body to make antibodies, hormones, and enzymes. It is also used to absorb calcium for tissue repairs and to help children grow and develop. In addition to these essential amino acids, flax seed also has many others that are beneficial to the body including Aspartic Acid, Glutamic Acid, and Glycine. Flax is grown for its use as an edible oil, as a nutritional supplement, and as an ingredient in many wood finishing products. 

Brown Flax Seeds

Flax is also grown as an ornamental plant in gardens. Flax fibers are used to make linen. The Latin species name usitatissimum means most useful, pointing to the several traditional uses of the plant and their importance for human life. It is a beneficial to add flax seed or flax seed oil supplements to your diet to ensure you get all the amino acids you need.

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